Virtual Student Welcome Week

February 1, 2021 - February 5, 2021

CoA Loteria/Bingo

Dean Paula Armstead & Interim Director Natalie Rodriguez

Join us for a fun game of virtual Loteria/Bingo while learning more about our campus resources and services.


Vanson Nguyen
Jeff Sanceri
Mary Shaughnessy
Marissa Nakano

Discover your faculty hidden talents, while learning about important resources for students!  Request songs, join in on the singing, or just have fun watching.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

Tammy Arnold (Career Center Consultant)

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and  understand how this impacts the emotions of others around us.

Study and Memory Strategies

Presenter: Danna Chavez-Baquero, ACCESO/Puente Counselor

Often, a good memory is seen as something that comes naturally and a bad memory as something that cannot be changed. Much of the ability to remember comes down to skill. Attend this workshop to learn strategies that would help you learn how to organize information and improve your ability to study and remember.


Stephanie Hess

Come play Kahoot with us and learn about financial aid!  First, visit our website and gain all of the knowledge that you can.  Then, bring your competitive spirit and win prizes during our Kahoot session!  Kahoot is a trivia and quiz game that is very exciting and fun!  We look forward to seeing you!