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Placement will help identify course recommendations for English, math or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). College of Alameda’s placement process is compliant with Assembly Bill 705, which requires California Community Colleges to maximize the probability that a student who is seeking a degree/transfer will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within one year and use multiple measures when placing students into English or math courses.

By Fall 2020, all California Community Colleges will also offer an ESOL sequence that will allow students to complete transfer-level English within 3 years.

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English and Math Placement

As a new student, after you submit your application and complete the online orientation you will need to complete the English and math placement questionnaire which will help identify appropriate course recommendations for English and math.

English and math placement will be determined by one or more of the following measures; please have this information ready prior to completing the questionnaire:

  1. High school coursework
  2. High school grades
  3. High school grade point average

You must bring a print out or a screenshot of your English & math placement recommendations to your counseling appointment where you will create your student education plan (SEP).


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Assessment

As a new ESOL student, after you submit your application, you will need to schedule an appointment to complete the ESOL assessment to identify the most appropriate ESOL courses for you. Please schedule your ESOL assessment with the Learning Resource Center (LRC). Phone: (510) 748-2307 Location: 2nd floor of the library.

After completing your ESOL assessment, you will meet with your counselor to complete your math assessment (through self-reported multiple measures and/or guided self-placement) and create your student education plan (SEP)


*To maximize success, you may be required to take additional support classes.

You will first be asked to self-report your high school coursework, grades, and/or GPA. If you do not remember your high school coursework information, you will be directed to complete our guided self-placement questionnaire. You can complete either of these options through our online English & Math Questionnaire (

If you have taken an English and/or math courses at a different college, please bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts to your counseling department.