Online Tutorial Resources

We invite you to also visit electronic online writing labs (OWLs) such as:

Please feel free to check out these websites to learn more about grammar and writing. Many of the websites include practice activities.

This is a comprehensive website with tips for sentence, paragraph and essay level development, followed by activities to practice what you learn.
Watch PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos about grammar. This website also includes practice activities.
This website provides an overview of several prewriting techniques including clustering, looping and questioning strategies.
This handout provides comparisons and contrasts between strong and weak thesis statements.
Purdue’s OWL is renowned, so feel free to explore its other resources. This particular page provides examples of thesis statements. (paragraph)
This page from Purdue’s OWL explains the elements of an effective paragraph. (paragraph)
This handout provides an example of an effective paragraph, including a topic sentence, supporting evidence and a concluding observation.
The West Valley College Library’s handout about MLA guidelines features the works cited formats for the most used sources.
Format your essay according to MLA guidelines with the Purdue OWL’s explanation.
You choose the best way to correct the errors in different passages.
Practice your typing skills with these fun, free typing games.