IMG_2691What Services Does EOPS Offer?

Many students learn about EOPS because we offer money to books to eligible students, but EOPS is a lot more than a book program. EOPS offers many services to help you succeed in your academic goals.


EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs provides professional counselors to help with academic and personal concerns. Counselors help students stay focused throughout their studies. If you are a current EOPS student you can schedule an academic counseling appointment or utilize drop in hours.  Drop ins will not count as a scheduled counseling appointment.

EOPS Counseling Appointment/ eSars

Priority Registration

EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs students are able to register for Peralta courses prior to the general student population.

Vocational Grant

EOPS/CARE students who are enrolled in 6 or more units in their declared COA career technical education (CTE) program will receive an additional grant to assist them with the additional cost for materials that these programs require.

CSU/UC Application Fee Waiver

EOPS/CARE will provide assistance to those students who are planning to transfer to a four year institution by helping students register for their CSU/UC application fee waiver.

Book Grant

Book Grants provide money for books to help eligible students defray the cost of required textbooks.

Graduation Cap and Gown 

EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs will provide graduating students with a cap and gown.

For More Information

EOPS/CARE is located in Building A-111. Call (510) 748-2258 for further information.

Our Mission

The Mission of College of Alameda is to serve the educational needs of its diverse community by providing comprehensive and flexible programs and resources that empower students to achieve their goals.