EOPS Staff – We Are Here To Help! 

EOPS Email: coaeops@peralta.edu

Phone number:  510-748-2258



ValJeán Dale

Int. Dean, Special Programs & Grants

Email: vdale@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2135


Lydell Willis

EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP & CalWORKs Program Manager

Email: lydellwillis@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-5253

Mary Shaughnessy

EOPS/CARE Counselor

Email: mshaughnessy@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2210

Marissa Nakano

EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs Counselor

Email: mnakano@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2260


Charles Washington

EOPS/CARE Counselor

Email: cwashington@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2394


Fathia Mohamed

Adjunt EOPS/CARE Counselor

Email: fmohamed@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2100

Hector Corrales

Adjunt EOPS/CARE Counselor

Email: hcorrales@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2258


Justin Lee

NextUp Counselor

Email: jelee@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2258


Jiayu He

Staff Assistant

Email: jhe@peralta.edu

Phone: 510-748-2107

Our Mission

The Mission of College of Alameda is to serve the educational needs of its diverse community by providing comprehensive and flexible programs and resources that empower students to achieve their goals.