Learning Skills Program (SAS, formerly DSPS)


Lynn Rex, Ph.D. – Learning Disabilities Specialist 510-748-2388

TO ENROLL: Meet with a College of Alameda SAS Counselor. Appointments can be scheduled using our Online SAS Appointment Scheduling System, or by calling our Live SAS Assistance phone number 510-463-4899 (Mon-Fri 10:00-2:00).


The Learning Skills Program (LSP) assists students with learning disabilities by providing assessment, advising, instruction, and liaison with campus instructors and programs.

Courses offered:

  • Learning Resources 296 – Diagnostic Learning

Individual assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses to determine eligibility for services as an adult with learning disabilities. Students also meet in small group sessions to learn strategies and self-advocacy skills related to their specific learning disabilities.

  • Learning Resources 259 – Writing Strategies

Designed for students with learning disabilities to master techniques and strategies for writing ranging from sentences to research papers. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream English course.

  • Learning Resources 276 – Learning Strategies in Algebra and Geometry

Introduces students to concepts in algebra and geometry. Students with learning disabilities master learning strategies in mathematics appropriate to their learning strengths and weaknesses. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream Math course.

  • Learning Resources 277 –  Introduction to Mathematical Concepts and Strategies

Mastering quantitative concepts and developing problem-solving skills in mathematics. Students are required to co-enroll in a mainstream Math course.

All LSP classes are taught in L-210 (second floor of the library).