Acquired Brain Injury/Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

Instructor: Phyllis Tappe, Cognitive Skills Specialist 510-748-2313

The Cognitive Rehabilitation Program offers therapeutic classes designed to improve the cognitive skills and functioning of people with brain injuries and/or learning disabilities. 

  • Improving Cognitive Skills, LRNRE 213A and LRNRE 213B focus on
  • Attention skills
  • Memory Strategies
  • Recognition of verbal and non-verbal patterns
  • Basics of brain function
  • Human learning theory applied to individual strengths and weaknesses
  • How to solve computer generated problems in sequencing and logic
  • Organization and critical evaluation of information
  • Strategies in problem-solving.

Fall Semester:  LRNRE 213A focuses on attention, organization, memory, and learning strategies.

Spring Semester: LRNRE 213B focuses on organization, problem-solving, and logic.

Class Highlights:

  • Class format includes both lectures and lab;
  • Lab: Includes most up-to-date Cognitive Rehabilitation software;
  • Lab assists with identifying deficit areas and developing strategies to deal with problem areas.

Class Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays

10:00-12:00 or  1:30-3:30

For information and enrollment assistance, please call for an appointment with a DSPS counselor, or stop into our office in D-117.  We look forward to working with you.


510/748-2339 fax