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DSPS Service Area Outcomes and Mission Statement

DSPS staff have identified the following Service Area Outcomes for the various services provided to students:

  • Goal Setting:  Through an interactive process with their DSPS counselor students will identify and develop a Student Educational Plan, focused on individual academic. vocational, and/or personal growth goals.
  • Educational Accommodations: Students will work with DSPS staff and faculty to identify the appropriate academic accommodations necessary to address their individual disability needs.
  • Self-Advocacy:  Students will learn to effectively utilize their disability-related educational accommodations and services; articulating their disability needs to staff and faculty.
  • The Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities will provide services in a welcoming and positive environment making it comfortable for students to request assistance.

Service Area Outcomes (SAOs)  may be assessed through the following methods:

  • Surveys
  • Review of collected data, and
  • Other methods

Mission Statement

The mission of the Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities (DSPS) is to provide exemplary support services, instruction and access to students with disabilities. DSPS supports students with disabilities in instructionally related activities consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the College of Alameda and in compliance with federal and state laws. With equal access as its hallmark, the faculty and staff of DSPS are committed to the following:

  • Opportunity: To ensure equal educational opportunities to students with disabilities who have the potential for achieving academic and vocational goals consistent with a community college program.
  • Empowerment: To empower students with disabilities to achieve independence and integration leading to maximum participation in the college and the community.
  • Awareness: To provide information and support to College of Alameda employees and students in carrying out the institution’s responsibility to students with disabilities.