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Who We Are

We are your one stop department to receive one-on-one assistance with registration, school enrollment verification, unofficial transcript requests and applying to receive your certificate or degree from College of Alameda. To become a Student, you must first apply and go through a simple series of enrollment steps.

Our Services

We are here to assist you with all Admissions and Records procedures. We’ll help to ensure a smooth transition to the College for you, and to support your success towards your educational goals.


Becoming a student is easy. Your first step is to apply to the college. Then make sure to follow our Steps to Success to get registered in time for the new semester.

In order to be considered a California resident please complete the residency
questionnaire and provide us documentation that you have been here a year and 1 day prior to the term.

Residency Requirements
Residency Questionnaire

Please visit our website in upper left corner please enter username and password.

Admissions and Records

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