Model UN (MUN) & Debate Club

Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.

Desmond Tutu

Debate club is a great place for you to explore the “life skill” of “organized arguing.” Here you will be able to discuss current issues and learn how to speak with your own authentic voice and become good in making solid presentations in a fun, safe club environment.

You’ll practice crafting factual & logical, ethical & emotionally compelling arguments to persuade others to see and perchance agree with your “side” of an argument. We shall use various formal debate formats, legal debate formats, and United Nations debate formats.

The goal here is for you to be better able to compete in tournaments with students from multiple partner schools here in the East Bay and around the state. You will hone your skills achieved in classes about the art of speech and debate. You’ll develop research, craft your reasoned approaches, organize your writing, and as a result be more confident as speakers and debaters — while building leadership skills and improving your capacity to assume responsibility — as you compete with other school debate teams, working collaboratively. All of this will help you to thrive academically and provide you with an advantage in your careers.

Model United Nations is a simulation program for college students in which they participate in model  sessions of the United Nations in an effort to advance their understanding of the principles and means by which international relations may be maintained. The program helps students develop a greater understanding of the nations of the world, the relations between them, their policies, and the nature of their work in the United Nations.

This “Debate Society” is a conjoint project of the Departments of Communication and Political Science at College of Alameda.  Our purpose is to teach and train you in the fundamentals of debate, public speaking and essay writing. Our goal is also to be a peer support club and community of concern to aid one another to succeed in endeavors towards various career paths and give students opportunities to apply what they are learning. All of this is done in the context of your studies in communication, law, politics, and other fields, enabling you to live a more effective life through achieving a higher degree of competence and confidence in your abilities to communicate!

Membership is open to any College of Alameda student. It is a requirement for students who are in the Pathway to Law School program.

To join: contact the Community Change and Urban Leadership team, send us an email to, or see the contact information below for the club co-sponsors.