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Library Database Tutorials

Additional Tutorial Resources

Library help for Nathan Strong’s students



1. Elements of a Research Article.

2. Know the difference between popular and scholarly periodicals.

3. Be able to recognize an empirical study.

4. Tutorial on using Academic Search Premier.

5. Use this template for searching Academic Search Premier.

6. Use the Library’s Academic Search Premier database.

7. Definitions of terms used in research studies.


Physical Anthropology articles

Cultural Anthropology articles

Access to these articles from off-campus requires logging on with a username (your last name) and password (student id number). Your student id number can be found underneath the barcode on your student id.  Do NOT use your Passport username and password.


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Additional Resources and Tutorials

AlamedaPointInfo (Information about Alameda Point)

Stolen Valor (plagiarism analogy)

Liberty Enlightening the World (Art History example)

This is your Life: Hanna Bloch Kohner (PTSD)

Off-campus Access to Library Digital Resources

Alternate access

Alternate access for Films on Demand

Sources for Identifying Social Entrepreneurs

Free Speech

Cop killer ad

Overall Tutorials

IRIS – Seattle Community College

Westchester Community College

Reflect Learn Connect – Seattle Community Colleges

How to Read a Call Number – University of Arkansas

North Carolina State University

Austin Community College

Oklahoma State University

Information Literacy — University of South Carolina

Tidewater Community College

Thesis Development

The Teacher Gave Me a Research Assignment

Picking Your Topic IS Research!  – North Carolina State University

University of Wyoming

East Carolina University

Creating a Good Thesis Statement – East Tennessee State University

Thesis Statement — St. Cloud State University

Develop a Research Topic that Works  – University of Cincinnati

Research is a Conversation — University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Questions — Modesto Junior College

Questioning — Think Big

Fact Checking Sites

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Websites — Oklahoma City Community College

Credible Websites? — Vermont Technical College

Elements of a Research Article — University of Texas at San Antonio

Scholarly versus Popular – East Carolina University

Information Cycle – University of Tennessee

Evaluating Websites – Fullerton State

Wikipedia – North Carolina State University

What is a Library Database? — Enoch Pratt Free Library

Fact and Opinion — Pearson Education

Evaluating Health Information – National Library of Medicine

Evaluating Information Sources — College of Alameda

What is a Library Database? — Enoch Pratt Free Library

Obama: Fake news on social media can hurt democracy – Today Show

Scholarship Is Like a Conversation — New Literacies Alliance

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Internet Research: What’s Credible?– Films Media Group

Evaluation: Fact or Fiction? — QUT library

Stanford Fake News Study — KTVU

It’s Not a News Story!? — South Park Studios

Discussion Activity for Visual Literacy

Information Fallout: Game-based intro to the Framework concepts

Scholarly Articles — SUNY, Albany

How to Spot Fake News —

Information Fallout Handout — University of Minnesota

Critical Reading vs. Critical Thinking — Films Media Group

Who Do You Trust and Why? — Oklahoma State University

First Draft — Harvard JFK

How Easy is it to get Fooled? — First Draft

Pig – First Draft

AllSides (News from across the political spectrum)

How to Spot Fake News — IFLA

Five Ways to Spot Fake News — News Literacy Project

Recognizing Bias  — Ohio State University Library

Safiya Noble | Challenging the Algorithms of Oppression

Russian Disinformation — Washington Post

Why Do Our Brains Love Fake News? — WGBH

Citing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It – Bainbridge State College

Warning Plagiarism – Texas TIDES

Fair(y) Use Tale

You Quote It You Note It – Westchester Community College

Plagiarism Tutorial – University of Texas at Arlington

Understanding Plagiarism – Eastern Michigan University

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction – North Carolina State University 

MLA Eighth Edition

MLA Format 8th Edition — EasyBib

Purdue Online Writing Lab

MLA Style Center

What’s New in the Eighth Edition (HTML)

MLA 8th Edition Citation Guide – Valencia College (HTML)

MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition – Indian River State College  (HTML)

MLA Style Center – Sample Papers