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Additional Resources and Tutorials

AlamedaPointInfo (Information about Alameda Point)

Stolen Valor (plagiarism analogy)

Liberty Enlightening the World (Art History example)

This is your Life: Hanna Bloch Kohner (PTSD)

Off-campus Access to Library Digital Resources

Alternate access

Alternate access for Films on Demand

Sources for Identifying Social Entrepreneurs

Free Speech

Cop killer ad

Overall Tutorials

IRIS – Seattle Community College

Westchester Community College

Reflect Learn Connect – Seattle Community Colleges

How to Read a Call Number – University of Arkansas

North Carolina State University

Austin Community College

Oklahoma State University

Information Literacy — University of South Carolina

Tidewater Community College

Thesis Development

The Teacher Gave Me a Research Assignment

Picking Your Topic IS Research!  – North Carolina State University

University of Wyoming

East Carolina University

Creating a Good Thesis Statement – East Tennessee State University

Thesis Statement — St. Cloud State University

Develop a Research Topic that Works  – University of Cincinnati

Research is a Conversation — University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Questions — Modesto Junior College

Questioning — Think Big

Fact Checking Sites

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Websites — Oklahoma City Community College

Credible Websites? — Vermont Technical College

Elements of a Research Article — University of Texas at San Antonio

Scholarly versus Popular – East Carolina University

Information Cycle – University of Tennessee

Evaluating Websites – Fullerton State

Wikipedia – North Carolina State University

What is a Library Database? — Enoch Pratt Free Library

Fact and Opinion — Pearson Education

Evaluating Health Information – National Library of Medicine

Evaluating Information Sources — College of Alameda

What is a Library Database? — Enoch Pratt Free Library

Obama: Fake news on social media can hurt democracy – Today Show

Scholarship Is Like a Conversation — New Literacies Alliance

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Internet Research: What’s Credible?– Films Media Group

Evaluation: Fact or Fiction? — QUT library

Stanford Fake News Study — KTVU

It’s Not a News Story!? — South Park Studios

Discussion Activity for Visual Literacy

Information Fallout: Game-based intro to the Framework concepts

Scholarly Articles — SUNY, Albany

How to Spot Fake News —

Information Fallout Handout — University of Minnesota

Critical Reading vs. Critical Thinking — Films Media Group

Who Do You Trust and Why? — Oklahoma State University

First Draft — Harvard JFK

How Easy is it to get Fooled? — First Draft

Pig – First Draft

AllSides (News from across the political spectrum)

How to Spot Fake News — IFLA

Five Ways to Spot Fake News — News Literacy Project

Recognizing Bias  — Ohio State University Library

Safiya Noble | Challenging the Algorithms of Oppression

Russian Disinformation — Washington Post

Why Do Our Brains Love Fake News? — WGBH

Citing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It – Bainbridge State College

Warning Plagiarism – Texas TIDES

Fair(y) Use Tale

You Quote It You Note It – Westchester Community College

Plagiarism Tutorial – University of Texas at Arlington

Understanding Plagiarism – Eastern Michigan University

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction – North Carolina State University 

MLA Eighth Edition

MLA Format 8th Edition — EasyBib

Purdue Online Writing Lab

MLA Style Center

What’s New in the Eighth Edition (HTML)

MLA 8th Edition Citation Guide – Valencia College (HTML)

MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition – Indian River State College  (HTML)

MLA Style Center – Sample Papers