Maritime Painting / Bay Ship & Yacht

What Is The Maritime Painting / Bay Ship & Yacht Program?

The Maritime Painting Program (AUTOB 49) will prepare you become a competitive candidate for painting positions within the maritime field. The course consists of both theory and lab and provides you with the opportunity to receive on-site training at Bay Ship & Yacht [] in Alameda, CA.

The Mission of College of Alameda is to serve the educational needs of its diverse community by providing comprehensive and flexible programs and resources that empower students to achieve their goals. College of Alameda is also dedicated to the community through new innovative partnerships. College of Alameda has signed an MOU with Bay Ship & Yacht to create and offer this Maritime Painting class.

This program serves College of Alameda students, including underserved populations such as veterans as well as unemployed, formally incarcerated, and low income individuals

Training is offered 4 days/ week, Monday – Thursday. The 4-week long course (9/6/16 – 10/3/16) meets from 8:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. at Bay Ship & Yacht Co. in Alameda.

  1. Apply for admission to College of Alameda online.
  2. Attend the mandatory orientation on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.
  3. Complete the Pre-Program Application
  4. If you are selected for the program you will be given an add card to enroll


A meeting is scheduled with you to review your pre-program application. If you are selected for the program you will be given an add card to enroll