Center for Community Change & Urban Leadership (CCUL)

What Is The CCUL Program?

The Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative is “a coalition of people and organizations dedicated to creating the conditions for healthy East Bay community life in the 21st century.”  This program is designed to empower and build the capacity of people and their communities to expand their own “life chances” through the collaborative work of this coalition.

Our purpose is to facilitate cooperative community action in meeting the needs of people relative to the revitalization of their greater communities and healthy human relationships within, as defined by the citizens themselves. This is a direct partnership with community leaders, community based organizations, educational entities, and other stakeholders in the greater East Bay region and communities.

The CCUL Certificate and Degree tracks are designed for college-ready individuals who are interested in working in the various fields of community change and urban leadership to address critical problems of violence prevention, community wellness, and social justice.

Some of our students start at East Bay Area College Preparatory High Schools (these students are dual enrolled in college and preparatory schools).  Students move through our program with extra guidance and support to be advanced students when they continue studies at College of Alameda (CoA).  Entering CoA Students complete a series of stackable certificates (enhanced with service learning or field internships) working towards a degree and transfer.

Upon completion of lower division studies with CCUL at College of Alameda, students are then supported in pursuing upper division work, and finally on to graduate level work.  From high school to College of Alameda to transfer to graduate school is a 2+2+2+2/3 Pathway to Career Success!

The CCUL certificate and degree tracks are service learning grounded  “applied politics” career and technical education sequences of courses.  These are also what the State of California calls “Area of Emphasis” interdisciplinary degree paths.  At College of Alameda in the CCUL program, our areas of emphasis are Social Justice & Community Change and Public Policy, Law, and Society. In these areas, CCUL offers three tracks:

You may apply by submitting an interest form, contact your College of Alameda Counselor, or contact the CCUL staff directly at 510-748-6558 or email [    ]