ZTC Project (2018, Archived)

NOTE: This is an archived page for ZTC Degree Program that was funded by CCCCO. For the most up-to-date information regarding Open Educational Resource efforts at College of Alameda, see Open Educational Resources page.

In accordance with its mission, College of Alameda is committed to lowering the cost of education for its students by encouraging and supporting instructors in adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero-Textbook-Cost (ZTC) materials for their courses.

In 2018, College of Alameda is implementing Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree (ZTCD) pathway for Mathematics AS-T degree, with a plan to make the full pathway available for enrollment starting in Spring 2019. You can find more information about ZTCD program on California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website.

Graphic below shows the proposed CoA Math AS-T ZTCD Pathway.

Following courses have been taught at College of Alameda with only OER/ZTC course materials. College of Alameda will be making course content available on Vision Resource Center in near future. In the meantime, please contact the ZTCD project co-directors (for general-education courses, contact Cady Bow (cbow@peralta.edu); for math and science courses, contact Andrew Park) or the instructors listed below for details.

Following courses (from the graphic above) are planned to be taught using only OER/ZTC course materials in near future (Fall 2019 or soon). Instructors who usually teach these courses have expressed interest in lowering textbook cost for their students (all the way to zero), but please note that our plans may change and instructors’ interest and/or availability may change also. We remain committed to providing a full Math AS-T ZTCD pathway.

Please see OER Resources page for lists of courses taught in California community colleges and elsewhere with zero textbook costs.