OER Resources

CA ZTC Degree Grantees

Below are OER resources that instructors developing their own OER courses may find useful.

Berkeley City College maintains an OER LibGuide full of useful information. In particular, check out the list of OER adopters in our district.

  • The Chancellor’s Office maintains an Open Educational Resources page.
    • Vision Resource Center is the new clearing house for OER and other materials that help fulfill the missions of California community colleges.
  • COOL4Ed.org lists 50 most transferable courses within California public universities and colleges, identified by their C-ID.
  • San Bernardino Valley College maintains an OER by Discipline list.
  • LibreTexts.org is a project based at UC Davis compiling a list of OER textbooks by discipline.
  • OpenOregon maintains a list of OER courses in Oregon community colleges.
  • BCCampus maintains a database of OER textbooks.

OER is defined by the community as educational resource that provide users with free and perpetual permission to engage in the 5R activities: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, and Redistribute. However, for the purpose of California legislations (AB 798, for example), our focus is on the costs borne by our students. Hence, we include other resources that are free to our students in our ZTC courses. Below is a limited list of such resources in use: