Open Educational Resources

In accordance with its mission, College of Alameda is committed to lowering the cost of education for its students by encouraging and supporting instructors in adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero-Textbook-Cost (ZTC) materials for their courses.

CCC ZTC symbolCourses at College of Alameda that do not require textbook costs are prominently marked with the ZTC symbol, as well as the notation, “Zero Cost textbook.” Additional information about SB 1359 (the state law that mandates a label for such courses) can be found on ASCCC OERI website.

Since Spring 2018, more than 300 course sections have been offered with Zero Cost textbook, benefiting an estimated 9,000 students (duplicated headcount; a single student in multiple sections is counted multiple times). [count last updated Jan. 20, 2021]

Following courses have been taught at College of Alameda at least once with only OER/ZTC course materials. Where available, instructor and/or OER material contact information is also listed below.

  • Anthropology 1: Introduction to Physical Anthropology (Jayne Smithson)
  • Anthropology 1L: Physical Anthropology Laboratory (Jayne Smithson)
  • Anthropology 3: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (Jayne Smithson)
  • Anthropology 7: Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft
  • Anthropology 19: Anthropology of Sex and Gender
  • Anthropology 21: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
  • Art 122: World Art (Maria Guzman)
  • Astronomy 1: Introduction to Astronomy
  • Business 1A: Financial Accounting (Olga Fish)
  • Business 1B: Managerial Accounting (Olga Fish)
  • Communication 5: Persuasion and Critical Thinking (Jennifer Fowler)
  • Communication 6: Intercultural Communication (Kwesi Wilson)
  • Communication 45: Public Speaking (Kwesi Wilson)
  • Counseling 24: College Success
  • Counseling 57: Career and Life Planning
  • Counseling 221: Preparing for College/University Transfer
  • English 1A and 1AS: Composition and Reading (Patricia Nelson)
  • English 1B: Composition and Reading (Patricia Nelson)
  • English 5: Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing (Patricia Nelson)
  • English 30A: Introduction to American Literature I (Patricia Nelson)
  • English 201A: Preparation for Composition and Reading
  • English 201B: Preparation for Composition and Reading
  • English 208A: Writing Workshop
  • Geography 1: Physical Geography (Cady Bow)
  • Geography 1L: Physical Geography Laboratory (Cady Bow)
  • Geography 2: Cultural Geography (Cady Bow)
  • Geography 14: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • Library Information Studies 74: Information Seeking Behavior
  • Library Information Studies 85: Introduction to Information Resources
  • Math 1: Pre-Calculus
  • Math 3A: Calculus I
  • Math 3B: Calculus II
  • Math 3C: Calculus III
  • Math 3E: Linear Algebra
  • Math 3F: Differential Equations
  • Math 13: Introduction to Statistics
  • Math 50: Trigonometry
  • Math 203: Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 206: Algebra for Statistics
  • Math 253: Pre-Algebra
  • Physics 4A: General Physics with Calculus (Benjamin Stahl)
  • Physics 4B: General Physics with Calculus (Andrew Park)
  • Physics 4C: General Physics with Calculus (Andrew Park)
  • Physics 10: Introduction to Physics (Andrew Park)
  • Physics 10L: Introduction to Physics Laboratory
  • Political Science 1: Government and Politics in the United States
  • Political Science 2: Comparative Government
  • Political Science 3: International Relations
  • Political Science 4: Political Theory
  • Psychology 18: Psychology of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
  • Psychology 34: Stress Management and Well-Being

Significant portion of this work was funded through CCCCO ZTCD grant. Find out more: ZTC Project (2018, Archived).

Please see OER Resources page for lists of courses taught in California community colleges and elsewhere with zero textbook costs.