Announcement Guidelines

CoA Announcements Guidelines

The distribution of CoA-wide announcements is administered by the President’s Office.  Please email your request for a College-wide announcement to

Please allow ample time for your announcement to be sent. Announcements are sent out at least once daily, Monday through Friday. The President’s Office will make every effort to send announcements out promptly, however, it may take up to 48 hours to post.

Emails appropriate for College-wide announcements include, but are not limited to:

  • College-sponsored events or programs;
  • Department/Area-sponsored events;
  • Participatory Governance Committee information;
  • Academic Senate & Classified Council meeting information;
  • Professional Development opportunities and trainings;
  • Athletic Schedules;
  • Awards;
  • Activities that directly benefit the Associated Students;
  • Retirement of an employee;
  • Death of an employee or former employee; and
  • Announcements regarding newly hired staff.

Messages must be checked for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation before sending to Announcement requests containing errors will be returned to the requestor for editing and revision.

Each announcement will include the following statement: “For more information, please contact _______.” Always include your name and department, e-mail address
and telephone number in the announcement request so that recipients can reach the appropriate person for more information.

Announcements that are messages for specific constituencies generally are not appropriate for College-wide distribution and those groups should utilize other available communication channels, e.g., group-specific email distribution lists. Please contact your collective bargaining unit leaders or your campus senate leadership to request the dissemination of messages to these specific cohorts. Additional communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer are available to employees via the Peralta Portal.

College-wide Announcements sent through our internal email system must adhere to the policies and procedures as set forth by Board Policy 3720 Information Technology Use and Administrative Procedure 3720 Telephone, Computer and Network Use.  District Network resources should not be used for activities not related to appropriate District functions.  Announcements are intended to convey official College messages regarding business, educational, or community matters.