New Students

Welcome to College of Alameda!

Welcome, and congratulations on choosing College of Alameda as the first step toward your future. We’re excited to welcome you to our Community of Excellence and to serve you as you pursue your academic, personal and professional goals.

Whether you wish to complete an Associate degree, transfer to a 4-year university, gain career technical skills or certification, take online courses to refresh your knowledge, or simply attend classes for personal enrichment, you’ll find many options here.

At College of Alameda, you’ll also find a diverse and active campus community. Our students, of all ages and backgrounds, hail from over 50 countries, as well as Alameda, Oakland and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our unique location on the island of Alameda and our spacious campus provide a quiet, focused environment where you can learn, take chances, and stretch beyond your wildest dreams!

Please note that you can apply for financial aid at any time during your application and enrollment process.


Virtual Enrollment Assistance

Need help with your application, registration, student portal, or financial aid? Join us online.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11am-2pm, get help with your application or help using Student Campus Solutions Student Portal (formerly Passport)

Easy Steps for Student Success

As a new student, you may have many questions. Don’t worry; we are committed to helping you each step of the way. To learn how to apply to the College and enroll in classes, simply select from the tabs below and follow the steps within.

Before applying, you will need to create an OpenCCC Account, allowing you to access California Community Colleges’ secure web applications. If you don’t already have one, it takes just a few minutes, and can be completed here.

If you’re new to college – whether you’re a recent high school graduate, you’ve completed your GED, or you graduated from high school a while ago, start here. You’ll need to complete a simple series of enrollment steps; including applying, placement, and enrolling into classes.

If it’s been more than two semesters since you attended classes within the Peralta Community College District, you can attend classes at College of Alameda simply by re-applying. After re-applying, we recommend that you meet with a counselor for course selection and to clear any prerequisites.

College of Alameda is pleased to welcome international students from over 50 countries to study on our campus. If you are an international student who would like to study abroad at College of Alameda, please visit the International Student Admissions Homepage to learn more.

To take online classes at College of Alameda from your home country, please visit the Peralta Colleges Distance Education website for directions on how to enroll.

If you’re a high school or pre-high school student, you may enroll at College of Alameda (CoA) as a special part-time student, in accordance with California Education Code.

Enrollment must be recommended by your principal and your high school counselor.

Student Services Spotlight

We offer a comprehensive network of academic and personal support services to ensure that all students have the resources they need to thrive. We also serve students who face challenges along the way. Whether it has to do with finances or family, special learning needs or adjusting to college life, we are here to support your success in attaining your educational and personal goals.