National Student Employment Week (NSEW)

Colleges and universities across the country recognize the importance of student employees each year during the second full week of April. Student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. Student employment offers students career-enhancing opportunities, the ability to develop skills relevant to any career, better preparation for the job market upon graduation, and a way to help pay for their education. Most schools depend on the contributions of student employees for the efficient operation of the campus and community. This year will be the first for the College of Alameda to celebrate National Student Employment Week (NSEW). From April 12-16, we will recognize and thank all College of Alameda students for the contributions they make as employees of our college.

Celebrating our Student Employees:

This year, since we are unable to celebrate in person, we will be celebrating on social media. Each day, April 12-16, there will be challenges with opportunities for student employees to win raffle prizes. We hope all student employees participate on Instagram: @coa_financial_aid.

Ideas for Supervisors:

Since we are unable to celebrate in person this year, we have provided a few ideas you could use to show appreciation to your student employees during this week or use your own creative ideas:

  • Coupon Booklets and/or  Raffle Tickets
  • Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition
  • Send Notes Home to the Families of student employees or Thank You Cards
  • Send Gift along with Gift Certificates
  • “Kudos” Certificates, Draw an outline of Supervisor/Manager handwritten notes of a piece of paper
  • Create or develop a Token system/Points
  • Ask students employees to share their expertise with others
  • Acknowledge personal achievements in group(s)
  • Provide Letters of Recommendation for transferring or prospective employers
  • Promote students to higher-level positions when we have a vacant position with allowable or approval funding