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New Users: Contact your Department Chair and Curriculum Chair  Jayne Smithson

Development—Conceptualize your course – Discuss your idea with your department chair and other colleagues. Write and revise your Course Outline of Record (COR) and pass it by colleagues. Consult with the Chair of Curriculum on any of the issues listed here. 

Consult with the Articulation Officer Vinh Phan

Consult with a Librarian Ann Buchalter

Create SLOs—-Student Learning Outcomes–Contact your Department Chair as needed

Schedule an appointment with the Technical Review chair Patricia Nelson Technical Review is to ensure your COR conforms to the State Academic Senate Guidelines on technical structure of the COR.

For distance education – DE addendum, consult with the COA distance education coordinator Jennifer Fowler

We look forward to working with you in using the automated curriculum management system.

“Hints” Regarding Course & Program Approvals:

CIPD – for district approval happens the first Monday of each Month.  To be reviewed there, it must pass the COA curriculum committee first – at least one week prior to CIPD.

All four Peralta Colleges use roughly the same protocols for course approval.  You will be asked questions at both Curriculum Committee and at CIPD… about how your course or program changes are needed (“justification”).  If you cannot answer these questions, your proposal may not be approved.  This is one quite important job of the curriculum committee; to ask about: rigor, quality, and innovation; and “fit” {with the college and its curricular vision}; and relevance to the needs of the college and larger community. Consultation among district colleagues must take place before a course will be discussed in COA curriculum committee, it must be in Technical Review (see reference above) a week before a regularly scheduled curriculum meeting (1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. in L-237 or via ConferZoom).

Please note: technical review is a standard process used at all four of the Peralta Colleges and statewide to assure the Course Outline of Record conforms to the California State Standard for CORs.


Discuss curriculum with your colleagues of the College of Alameda and Sister Colleges–email the department chair of the discipline that may be impacted by additions or changes in curriculum.

Give yourself enough lead time to do it well.

The process for a new course varies and sometimes as long as a year to complete—the process begins with the originator and progresses ultimately for State approval. Course updates and non-catalog changes may take place within the processes of COA.

Course Outline of Record (COR)and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs/ILOs)

Course Content and the components of the Course Outline of Record (COR). This is what is evaluated by Universities to determine if what we teach is congruent with what they will accept for our students to be able to transfer to their institutions. This is called Articulation. Please consult with the Articulation Officer for more details on this process. The COR, also serves as a legal document that guides all lecturers who may teach this course at this college. It therefore reflects both the State of the Discipline (in which this course is taught) and the philosophy of YOUR department at College of Alameda and should reflect the Institutional Learning Goals (ILOs) that reflect the Institutional Identity of College of Alameda as “A Learning College”.