Professional Development Committee




Meetings: The first Monday of every month
Time:          12:00 – 1:00 pm
Place:          A228

All are welcome to attend. The Professional Development Committee can be reached by email by contacting your 2019-2020 chairs, Diana Bajrami ( and Maurice Jones ( Please include Marivic Lizardo ( in your correspondence with chairs.

Meeting dates for Fall 2019 semester:

September 2; October 7; November 4; December 2

Flex Days Calendar for 2019-2020


Tuesday, October 22, 2019 — College Flex (CoA) – Proposal Requests due October 1, 2019

Complete and submit to the Staff Development Committee the Staff Development Workshop Proposal Form:

Staff Development Workshop Proposal Form

Thursday, January 16, 2020 — District Flex

Friday, January 17, 2010 — College Flex

Thursday, March 19, 2020 — College Flex

Membership Fall 2020- Spring 2021

Faculty: Dr. Diana Bajrami , Maurice Jones, Ann Chun

Classified Professionals: Marivic Lizardo, Kawanna Rollins, Chevonn Herbert

Administrators:  Ana McClanahan, Aja Butler, ValJeán Dale


co-chairs; Dr. Diana Bajrami and Maurice Jones

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Fall Flex Day 2020 is fast approaching

Please, find a copy of the agenda below and mark your calendars. We have a full day of exciting, informative and engaging workshops and activities. 

Please, check the agenda below

Fall Flex Day Agenda_2020-August21

Fall Flex Day 2020 is fast approaching

Please, find a copy of the agenda below and mark your calendars. We have a full day of exciting, informative and engaging workshops and activities. 

Please, check the agenda below

Fall Flex Day Agenda_2020-August21

The Professional Development Committee at CoA met in a special meeting (August 31, 2020) to re establish new guidelines for  the submission of professional development funding requests for Fall 2020 semester and ensure that faculty have an opportunity to participate in virtual professional development training during Fall 2020 semester.

These funds  could be used for virtual conferences, courses related to your professional development aligned with your department/college mission and goals.  The process and timeline for applications is listed below.

As of Fall 2020, based on current budget projections, full and part-time faculty, can apply up to $500 per semester.  This maximum amount is subject to change pending funds availability.

Here are the steps to apply for Professional Development funding for conferences, classes, workshops and other appropriate uses:

How do I request Professional Development Funds for approved activities?  

Step # 1: Read the  PDSelectionCriteria_Fall2020

Step # 2: Complete the Professional Development Funds Application Form Fall 2020

and required information –It’s newly revised to be completed fully online.

Step # 3:  Complete Part/Tab 1 of the Travel Request Form 7400

of Peralta District, sign and date it and also  discuss this with you your Dean or supervisor and obtain their approval/signature, as well. You must obtain a supervisor’s signature before the committee can review your request.

Step # 4: E-mail the completed Travel form (tab 1 only)  to PD Committee Co-Chairs Diana Bajrami (; Maurice Jones (; and marivic Lizardo (

Step # 5 : For reimbursement, upon the completion of the event, you complete tab 2 of the  Travel form and also a statement on how you plan to share the event/activity with colleagues, COA-FAS, and/or the Peralta District. Examples on how to share info: Write an evaluation/assessment report; facilitate a professional day workshop; facilitate a faculty engagement workshop; give a presentation to your department/discipline


Deadlines/Lead-Time for Applications for Professional Development Funds

Please see the file below for a more detailed timeline of what is required for your request to be approved:

All applications will be reviewed  during the regular Professional Development Committee meetings, so for any application to be considered and to be approved you must apply by

October  2, 2020 for any activity that starts after this date

October 30, 2020 for any activity that starts after this date

November 27, 2020  for any activity that starts after this date

More deadlines for activities that take place during Spring 2021 will be posted soon.



  1. Awards for full-time and part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of $500 per person during Fall semester.  All faculty are eligible.  Classified professionals are encouraged to contact your Classified Senate President for information regarding possible funding.
  2. Funds are allocated for tuition (courses aligned with the mission/goals/discipline areas), conference registration fees
  3. These funds at this point are allocated for Fall semester activities and a decision about Spring will be made as soon as we have more information
  4. The PD committee will use the criteria below to assess your application and request
    • the nature of the event being related to the PD Committee and College goals and the priority of ensuring a high quality of online teaching
    • the nature of the event being shared with students, discipline, division, college

Funds will not be allocated for:

  • Faculty on leave without pay
  • Part-time faculty who are not currently teaching at College of Alameda during Fall 2020 semester


Upon the completion of these form, also please consider organizing a Professional Development Training

What is the process of facilitating a workshop? 

Our Goal — Share of knowledge, effective practices

Once you complete your professional development activity, we encourage you to disseminate your knowledge. Present your growth during district and college flex days, share with your department or colleagues, write an article for the COA Splash, or submit to us and we will post your accomplishments on our webpage.

We are accepting application for October 20 Flex Day, as well as Spring Flex Day, and the committee

To be considered for October 20 Flex Day, please submit a proposal no later than October 2

Complete and submit to the Professional  Development Committee the Professional  Development Workshop Proposal Form