Budget Committee

Meetings: 2nd Monday, 12:00 p.m., L237

1. review budgetary policies, processes, and timelines developed by administration at COA and the District, provide feedback and help communicate them to COA faculty and staff

2. receive and review budget proposals from departments and/or program areas; review administrative recommendations for funding such proposals

3. review priorities developed by administration with regard to the overall College Budget with respect to Unrestricted General Funds (Fund 1 thru 10), Instructional Equipment (Fund 14), VTEA (Fund 16), Instructional Supplies (Fund 17), Discretionary Funds, Facilities Revenues and other cash receipts, and communicate such priorities to faculty and staff

4. recommend funding priorities for overall college budget;

5. review and make recommendations regarding funding availability for vacant faculty and classified positions; review (as information item) administrative recommendations for Classified and Faculty Vacancy Prioritization; communicate priority lists to faculty and staff

6. review (as information item)  Categorical Funding budgets (i.e., DSPS, EOPS/CARE, CALWorks, Matriculation) and communicate those budgets to faculty and staff as necessary;

7. sponsor budget orientation and purchasing procedure workshops for the College community; and

8. engage in self-directed study, to meet its regulatory obligations under Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, and to maintain authority delegated by the State Chancellor’s Office.

Name Area Represented
MaryBeth Benvenutti, Co-Chair Business & Admin. Services Manager
Duncan Graham VP of Instruction
(vacant) VP of Student Services
Maurice Jones Dean of Academic Pathways and Student Success
(vacant) Dean of Workforce Development
Alexis Montevirgen Dean of Enrollment Services
Diana Bajrami Faculty Representative (4)
(vacant) Faculty Representative
Rick Greenspan, Co-Chair Faculty Representative
(vacant) Faculty Representative, Stud Serv
(vacant) (alternate)
Bob Grill Academic Senate President (ex-officio)
Ava Lee-Pang Classified Representatives (2)
Anna O’Neal Classified Representatives (2)


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