Associated Students of College of Alameda (ASCOA)

Our Purpose

We are the campus student government association:

  • Representing student concerns to administration
  • Planning campus activities for your enjoyment

We are always looking for self-motivated, responsible students. To join our board. Serve on a campus committee. Or volunteer for an event.

Stop by our office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center–F-212. And say hello.

The Associated Students of College of  Alameda (ASCOA) Senate exist to be a voice for students while providing activities and services that improve the student experience.

Every Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in F-216. Meetings are open to the public.


May 16th ASCOA May 16th, 2019 agenda ASCOA May 16th, 2019 min
May 13th ASCOA May 13th, 2019 agenda ASCOA May 13th, 2019 min
April 25th ASCOA April 25th, 2019 agenda ASCOA April 25th, 2019 min
April 18th ASCOA April 18th, 2019 agenda ASCOA April 18th, 2019 min
March 21st ASCOA March 21st, 2019 agenda ASCOA March 21st, 2019 min
March 14th ASCOA March 14th, 2019 agenda ASCOA March 14th, 2019 min
February 28th ASCOA February 28th, 2019 agenda ASCOA February 28th, 2019 min
February 21st  ASCOA February 21st, 2019 agenda  ASCOA February 21st, 2019 min
February 14th  ASCOA February 14th, 2019 agenda  ASCOA February 14th, 2019 min
February 7th ASCOA February 7th, 2019 agenda ASCOA February 7th, 2019 min
January 31st ASCOA January 31st, 2019 agenda  ASCOA January 31st, 2019 min
January 24th ASCOA January 24th, 2019 agenda ASCOA January 24th, 2019 min
January 8th ASCOA January 8th, 2019 agenda ASCOA January 8th, 2019 min
December 17th ASCOA December 17th, 2018 agenda ASCOA December 17th, 2018 min
December 7th ASCOA December 7th, 2018 agenda ASCOA December 7th, 2018 min
November 30th ASCOA November 30th, 2018 agenda ASCOA November 30th, 2018 min
November 9th ASCOA November 9th, 2018 agenda ASCOA November 9th, 2018 min
October 12th ASCOA October 12th, 2018 agenda ASCOA October 12th, 2018 min
October 5th ASCOA October 5th, 2018 agenda ASCOA October 5th, 2018 min
September 21st ASCOA September 21st, 2018 agenda ASCOA September 21st, 2018 min
September 14th ASCOA September 14th, 2018 agenda ASCOA September 14th, 2018 min
September 7th ASCOA September 7th, 2018 agenda ASCOA September 7th, 2018 min
August 31st ASCOA August 31st, 2018 agenda ASCOA August 31st 2018 min
August 21st ASCOA August 21st, 2018 agenda ASCOA August 21st, 2018 min
August 8th ASCOA August 8th, 2018 agenda

ASCOA August 8th, 2018 min

August 1st ASCOA August 1st, 2018 agenda ASCOA August 1st, 2018 min
July 18th ASCOA July 18th, 2018 agenda ASCOA July 18th, 2018 min

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Enrolled in 5 semester units at College of Alameda
  • Good standing with College and/or PCCD


  • Represent the students’ views in the shared governance process
  • Opportunity to build leadership and public speaking skills
  • A chance to expand your network and develop professional relationships.
  • Travel to state and national leadership conferences representing College of Alameda students
  • Gain experience and build your resume
  • Scholarship opportunities

The ASCOA is not accepting applications