Accreditation Committee

Meeting Date Minutes


Student Services Year End Report 2012 December 2014
District Planning Timeline November 2014
Academic Senate Agenda: 9-18-14
ACCJC Letter August 2014
Annual Program Update Timeline 2014
Sample College Schedule Review Timeline-SP15
Sample Course Outline of Record- SOC120
Sample DE Addendum- HIST2B
Urban Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Articulation Officer Self Evaluation
Classroom Faculty Self Evaluation
Counseling faculty Self Evaluation
Learning Assistance faculty Self Evaluation
Librarian Self Evaluation
Nurse Self Evaluation
Sample District Schedule Production Timeline-SP14
Enrollment Demographics- Distance Education
C&D Schedule Timeline
Prop 39 Update to PBC
Matrix for District and College IT responsibilities
PS Usage Modules
System Development Lifecycle Methodology
Spring 2014 Intersession Report
Management Workshop Agenda 7-22-14
Instructional Division Organizational Chart
CCC Library Staff Comparison
LRNRE 501 Course Outline of Record
Student Services Division Organizational Chart
Flea Market Contract
St. Joseph Notre Dame Contract
Alameda Family Services Early Head Start License Agreement
COA Babe Ruth Agreement
Sample Senior Staff meeting Agenda
Best Practices in Online Teaching, Learning Strategies and Pedagogy-Fall 2014
Employee Demographics- College of Alameda
ESL Assessment Validation Report
MOU Asian health Services
Sample Syllabus
Sample Staff Development Request
Enrollment by Zip Code
Enrollment by Gender
Enrollment by Race
Enrollment by Age
Enrollment by Ethnicity
Course Completion Data
Course Success Data
Transfer Data
Persistence Fall to Spring
Awards by Subject
Awards Granted-Degrees
Awards Granted- Certificates
Participation and Proportionality in College Service Area, by Race within Gender-Age Groups
Corrective Action Matrix 9-21-14
Standard and Poor’s Report- 2011
2014-15 Integrated Planning and Budget Building Calendar
Board Presentation 9 – 9 -14
Media Release- September 4, 2014
2016-2021 Five Year Construction Plan
2014-2015 College Maintenance and Repairs Priority Needs List
Peralta CCD – OPEB Substantive Plan, December 2012
AP 5050 matriculation
ESL Writing test Validation
Matriculation Handbook
Timeline for 2014 Assessment Validity Report
Assessment Validation English, math, ESL
Toni Cook Resume October 2014
Mary Beth Benvenutti Resume
Amy Lee, Ed.D. Resume
Petural “PJ” Shelton Resume
Michael Goldberg Resume
Alexis Montevirgen, Ed.D. Resume
Tim Karas Resume
Institutional Effectiveness Survey 2014
Approved College Standing Committees
Block Schedule Focus Group Summary
COA Goals and Objectives 2014-15
COA Planning & Budget Integration Timeline 2011-2012
Enrollment Management Strategies – Fall 2014
Flex Day 2014
Flex Day 2014 – VPI Karas
Flex Day Presentation – Vision, Mission and Goals for 2013-14
Integrated Planning and Budgeting Process
Integrated Planning Model Schematic 2009
Narrative – Re-alignment of College Council
Notes – Sr. Leadership Team Advance 7-31-14
Proposed College Standing Committees
Resource Priority Recommendation Process
Senior Leadership Team Advance
Standing Committees and Integrated Planning
Standing Committees Matrix
Standing Committees Structure 2014-15