Academic Programs

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Welcome to the College of Alameda ESOL department for non-native English learners! We are a small and special English program dedicated to helping you reach your goals in English. Visit the ESOL Onboarding site.


We help our diverse student body to understand the natural and cultural environments of the region and around the world, to be critical consumers of environmental advocacy and to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the planet and its diversity.


There are many reasons to study geology.  Some of us are motivated primarily by curiosity about nature and/or how the Earth works:  What is the chemistry various kinds of rocks?  Others want to mitigate environmental problems caused by global human civilization.  Whatever your motivation for learning geology, a solid grasp of …


The German Department teaches the language, culture and history of the German-speaking people to promote better communication and understanding among the peoples of the world. Attention will be given to expand oral-aural skills as well as reading and writing. Our courses satisfy foreign language requirements at 4-year colleges and universities, provide …

Health Professions and Occupations

Courses in Health Professions and Occupations (HLTOC) are most often used to fulfill degree or certificate requirements for majors at Merritt College (College of Alameda’s sister college in Oakland), including the Emergency Medical Technician program and Radiological Science program. Topics include Medical Terminology and Transcription.


The History Department’s mission is to meet the educational needs of our community by providing comprehensive and flexible courses which will enable students to transfer to four-year institutions, earn degrees and certificates in selected academic and occupational fields, prepare students for positions in the workforce, improve basic learning skills, and …


Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that involves the study of artistic, intellectual, and moral achievement. Humanities encourages students to examine both established and emerging expressions of human creativity and thought so that you become more engaged in your own lives and the world.


Welcome to the home page for the Kinesiology. This is a good starting point to explore our divisional offerings.  We offer the following kinesiology lecture courses: Introduction to Kinesiology and Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries. Our physical fitness courses include: aerobic circuits, weight training, strength and conditioning, and circuit …

Learning Resources (LRNRE Courses)

Includes courses recommended for students with disabilities and also courses on study skills and tutoring.

Library Information Studies (LIS Courses)

Library Information Studies enables students to become more successful by learning to recognize the extent and nature of information needed for research, then locate, evaluate, effectively use, and present information to solve problems. After completing library research classes and workshops, students will know how to make more informed decisions, adapt …