Public Administration

Public Administration, Emergency Management & Homeland Security

The Pathway to Public Service ~ Public Administration Track is part of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative at College of Alameda. This sequence of courses is designed to provide an introduction to careers in Public Service and provide an overview of the field of Public Administration and emergency management & homeland security.

What you’ll learn in this track is what you need to know, and how to pursue a career in the general area of community service in the arena of the public and social sectors. This includes service learning opportunities working in various public sector and/or non-profit organizational settings, and learning from and performing in multiple entry level tasks associated with the organizational managerial and leadership professions.

There are Three Program Learning Outcomes with which we seek to prepare you here; you will gain:

  • Mastery of a body of knowledge about your world – to see the world more clearly from a larger set of perspectives.
  • Proficiency in Critical Political Thinking and “Futures Consciousness” – to use your knowledge more effectively.
  • Greater capacity for personal social & political efficacy – to be better able to apply these perspectives as life skills in living a more satisfying life as:
    • a person,
    • a worker, and
    • a citizen.

Career opportunities for professionals in Public Administration & Emergency Management are on par with other professional fields (e.g. law, health care, education).

Examples of occupational areas Include: Government Management, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Administrative and Policy Analysis, Financial Administration, Human Resources Management, Education, Public Works and Utilities, Health, Planning and Resources Development and Administration, and Public Safety

Alumni Success

As of 2016, our first group of COA 2+2+2 students has entered the Master of Public Administration program at CSU East Bay