Political Science

Political Science & Social Justice

When you study “Politics” in our program at College of Alameda; we seek to better prepare you to being a more effective “Global Citizen” in “a Knowledge Economy,” guided by democratic values, and an “ethic of public service” in the 21st Century modern world system.  In all of our work together, our area of emphasis is Social Justice.  We accomplish much or our work through the Center for Community Change and Urban Leadership

There are Three Program Learning Outcomes with which we seek to prepare you here; you will:

  • Mastery of a body of knowledge about your world – to see the world more clearly from a larger set of perspectives.
  • Proficiency in critical political thinking and “Futures Consciousness” – to use your knowledge more effectively.
  • Greater capacity for personal social & political efficacy  – to be better able to apply these perspectives as life skills in living a more satisfying life as:
    • a person,
    • a worker, and
    • a citizen.
  • Demonstrate a degree of proficiency at the life skills of critical political thinking and futures consciousness to better access, evaluate, and interpret ideas found in political philosophy and theory and information enabling people so disciplined to communicate effectively, reach conclusions, and solve problems as citizens – part of the governance structure of a political world – such that they may apply these in their professional pursuits should they choose a path of public service or community leadership, of simply community participants.
  • Demonstrate a degree of mastery of the state of the discipline of political science {theoretical and practical knowledge of the historical background and the foundational principles of government and governance (utilizing: description, definition, summarization & explanation )}; and a working knowledge of these in use; with respect to inter-relatedness of humans in the environment, engaging with people from diverse backgrounds, and in understanding and acknowledging the significance of daily individual and social actions relative to global issues and the emergence of our shared future.
  • Demonstrate a degree of capacity to assume responsibility consistent with democratic republican values – in the application of socio-political concepts explored in this learning experience (class, classes, program) in a meaningful manner to a persona’s own self defined reality in the public, private and social sectors (a) as part of their everyday life as engaged citizens in the modern world system; and (b) in the context of global environmental (and other) challenges. {Personal Enrichment & Lifelong Learning Psycho-Socio-Political Efficacy}

The Politics Program at College of Alameda is an “Applied Politics Department.” Majoring in politics at College of Alameda can prepare you to move in one of four directions: 1) the traditional major, 2) Violence Prevention & Social Justice Studies; 3) Public Law & Public Service; and 4) Public Administration & Emergency Management / Homeland Security

Political Science majors learn to be strong writers, public speakers, and researchers. Students receive assistance in finding and receiving credit for internships. We promise to work with you in being better prepared with “life-long learning to learn” life success skills — empowering you as you seek employment and in your efforts to transfer to four year institutions.

Careers for Political Scientists include: government employment, public service, public administration, public policy analysis, legislative advocacy, business, international relations, and teaching.

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