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Name: Benjamin Stahl
Position: Adjunct Instructor of Physics
School/Location: Alameda
E-Mail: bstahl@peralta.edu
Office/Classroom: Room 100 at 860 Atlantic (Science Annex)
Teaching Assignment: Physics 4A (Spring 2018)

I am currently an Adjunct Instructor of Physics at the College of Alameda and also a Faculty Diversity Internship Program (FDIP) participant with the Peralta Community College District. My interest in physics manifested during my time as a student at a California Community College (Cabrillo), and has lead me through a bachelors degree in physics from UC Santa Cruz to my current graduate studies in Physics and Astronomy at UC Berkeley. Having benefited tremendously from my experiences in community college, I am incredibly passionate about STEM education (particularly at the community college level).

My teaching assignments for Spring 2018 is Physics 4A. Here is a brief blurb about the course:

Physics 4A, General Physics with Calculus (part one of a three-semester sequence). This first-semester course covers mechanics (motion, Newton’s Laws, energy and momentum, rotational dynamics, oscillations and waves, and fluids). Students who enroll in this class are usually intending to major in engineering, physics, or chemistry. This course can also be taken by other science majors, but you should also consult with a counselor whether Physics 3 sequence (a calculus-based 2-semester sequence) could satisfy your requirements.

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