Philosophy is everybody’s business. The mission of the Philosophy Department is to encourage your philosophical thinking, to show you the possibility of finding sound and practical answers to questions about the good life and good society, to answer questions like “What ought we seek in life?” ”And how ought we seek it?”

You will learn about the great questions, to ask them for yourself and to think about what others, including some of the greatest philosophers of the past and present, think about them. You will learn to think well and fair-mindedly, not just about your own ideas, but of those that are opposed to your own as well.

Philosophy classes will prepare you to:

• Demonstrate knowledge of the major questions, central methods, issues, figures, and arguments in the cores areas of philosophy and its history.

• Use formal and informal logic to identify, construct, analyze, evaluate, and respond to arguments.

• Deal with value questions with clarity, fairness, and open-mindedness.

• Make connections with philosophical traditions and everyday life, including their professional, family, and social lives.

• Clearly articulate ideas and arguments in writing and speech.

Philosophy provides excellent preparation for success in medical, business, and law schools. Philosophy graduates typically have excellent reasoning and problem solving skills, which make them desirable in many fields. Recent graduates are often employed as writers, policy analysts, editorial assistants, software and website developers, teachers, environmental advisors.