Pathways to Law School

Public Law and Pathway to Law School

The Public Law or Pathway to Law School Track is part of the Community Change and Urban Leadership Initiative at College of Alameda. This sequence of courses is designed to provide an introduction to the field and practice of law leading to the status of being a “COAF Scholar” upon completion of course work at College of Alameda. This is a project of the California Bar Association Council On Access and Fairness (COAF) (California Law Inc.). The goal is:

What you’ll learn in this pathway will enable you to explore many aspects of life through the lens of the rule of law. This allows you to develop a range of skills which fosters a broad and deep understanding of the law as well as develops abstract and critical thinking, practical problem solving skills and strong communication skills. This program is designed to show the realities of a path to the legal profession, offering professional growth, opportunities, intellectual challenge, social activism empowerment, financial rewards, prestige, and personal fulfillment in diverse areas such as: criminal law, corporate law, real estate law, tax law, family law, education law, patent law, product liability law and many other areas.

The “Career Law School Pathway” is designed to demystify the process of getting to a career in law! We will help you to understand what to do to apply and enroll at a four-year university, and sustain the momentum to pursue professional/graduate school. We shall empower you with the knowledge, critical applied thinking skills, and crucial life skills to transition from CoA to transfer and success in pursuing your career plans in law. We have guest speakers and field trips to California universities and law schools. We also seek to enroll students in special UC Davis Summer Bridge programs one year prior students’ matriculation to UC Davis.


Program Benefits:


  • Law and Debate Club [ ]
  • Law related activities (e.g. law school tours, statewide debate)
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Prescribed courses will transfer
  • Waived application fee for participating law schools
  • Special attention regarding college and law school applications at participating schools


There are Three Program Learning Outcomes with which we seek to prepare you here; you will:

  • Mastery of a body of knowledge about your world – to see the world more clearly from a larger set of perspectives.
  • Proficiency in critical political thinking and “Futures Consciousness– to use your knowledge more effectively.
  • Greater capacity for personal social & political efficacy – to be better able to apply these perspectives as life skills in living a more satisfying life as:
    • a person,
    • a worker, and
    • a citizen.

Career paths and opportunities for lawyers are endless. A law degree can be used in traditional legal employment, non-traditional legal employment and non-legal employment. A few of the careers paths that you can take with a law degree include: lawyer, Judge, mediator, paralegal, consultant, educator, corporate attorney, court administrator, governmental administrator, or politician.