Our music department offers transferable courses for the aspiring performer/musician as well as those seeking to expand their knowledge of the music industry, how it works, and its history. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who bring both academic integrity and first-hand experience to the leaning environment. We are committed to the personal growth and development of each and every student

At the College of Alameda Music Department/Program, you will learn:


    • Appreciation of the evolution and development of Western music
    • The history of popular music in American culture
    • Beginning through intermediate piano skills, and vocal skills
    • Musicianship, and fundamentals of music theory
    • Vocal performance, and choral pedagogy
    • Instrumental performance, via College Big Band, and small instrumental ensembles
  • Increased understanding of music performance history
  • Greater awareness of the cultural foundations of American popular music
  • Increased knowledge of music theory, and music fundamentals
  • Ability to perform elementary through advanced piano repertoire
  • Increased ability and understanding of vocal performance pedagogy
  • Increased ability and understanding of instrumental performance and pedagogy

Taking a music course as an elective can be a fun and valuable experience, but for students who are serious about music and want to pursue careers as musicians and music teachers, we will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university to complete a Bachelor’s in music. Graduates with this degree often find careers in broadcasting, music journalism, performing, arts administration, and teaching at secondary and elementary school levels.