Student Learning Outcomes

Program SLOs

  • Use quantitative reasoning to solve every day mathematical problems in the workplace and in the home.
  • Read, write, and critique technical writings and analytical arguments.
  • Convey and interpret information through visual representations.

Math Course SLOs are mapped to CoA’s Institutional Learning Outcomes (see below) and stated on all syllabi per Title V regulations.

COA Institutional Learning Outcomes

  1. Solve problems and make decisions in life and work using critical thinking, quantitative reason, community resources and civil engagement.
  2. Use technology and written and oral communication to discover, develop and relate critical ideas in multiple environments.
  3. Exhibit aesthetic reflection to promote, participate and contribute to human development, expression, creativity and curiosity.
  4. Engage in respectful interpersonal communications, acknowledging ideas and values of diverse individuals that represent different ethnic, racial, cultural, and gender expressions.
  5. Accept personal, civic, social and environmental responsibility in order to become a productive local and global community members.