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Online Math Courses

The College of Alameda offers the following online math courses:

Math 201 – Elementary Algebra

Math 203 – Intermediate Algebra

Math 13 – Introduction to Statistics

All of these online courses are offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall terms. Each course begins on the first day of instruction, and lasts for the entire length of the term. We currently do not offer late-start or short-term online math courses.

College of Alameda uses Pearson Education’s CourseCompass / MyMathLab / MyStatLab course management system to deliver its online math courses. Students register for an account at the Course Compass site and enroll electronically into their math course using a CourseID, provided by their COA instructor.

To take an online math course at COA, you must purchase a MyMathLab Student Access Kit or textbook with the MyMathLab access code bundled with it. The MyMathLab Student Access Kit is an access code/serial number that will allow you to set up an account at the site. It is the “required textbook” for the online course. An electronic version of the textbook used to present the material is contained within the online course.

The MyMathLab/MyStatLab access code is active for two years. Students may use their access code AGAIN in the future for the same course, or for a different course that uses the same textbook (Math 201 and Math 203 use the same text, so students may use the same access code for two semesters and two different classes).

In general, because an electronic version of the text is available through the online course, students are not required to purchase a separate hard copy of the text. However, students should check with the instructor and campus bookstore for a list of all required materials for their courses.

The College of Alameda offers the following hybrid math courses:

Math 3A – Calculus I

Math 3B – Calculus II

Hybrid courses contain a combination of lecture and online components. Students in our hybrid calculus courses meet for lecture and class activities with the instructor 3 hours per week as opposed to 5 hours per week. In addition to online homework and quizzes, students are assigned two hours per week of extra readings and video assignments. Exams are mainly paper-based in-class exams; some instructors assign online components.