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Name: Helene Maxwell
 Title: DSPS Coordinator/Assistive Technology Instructor
School/Location: Alameda
Phone: (510) 748-2326
Office/Classroom:  D117


We offer classes for students with disabilities in the Adapted Computer Learning Center. I teach Computer Access Learning Resources 211 and Computer Access Projects Learning Resources 272.

To register for these classes, please call for an appointment with a DSPS Counselor 510-748-2328.


Learning Resources 272 – Course Description

Course Title: Computer Access Projects

Course Number: Learning Resources 272

Instructor: Helene Maxwell

Office: D116

Phone: (510)748-2326

  1. Computer Access Projects is a Credit/NoCredit lab. Students enrolled in Projects may use the Adapted Computer Learning Center to complete assignments. Students can also receive training in assistive software including JAWS (for students who are blind); ZoomText (for students with low vision); Dragon Naturally Speaking (for students who cannot use a standard keyboard and who can benefit from using a voice input program.)
  2. To earn credit you must:
  • Work in the lab a specified number of hours this semester. If you need units to qualify for financial aid, please plan ahead so that you attend the necessary number of hours.
    • 27 hours = 1/2 unit
    • 54 hours = 1 unit
    • 81 hours = 1.5 units
    • 108 hours = 2 units
  • Maintain a Student Log sheet with the dates, the times, and the work that you accomplished during your lab time. Do this each time you work in the lab.
    • Only school-related work can be done in the lab.


If you find that you do not need to use the lab this semester, it is your responsibility to submit a drop card. Please call Helene at the phone number listed above if you have any questions.


Learning Resources 211 – Course Description

Course Title: Computer Access

Course Number: Learning Resources 211

Instructor: Helene Maxwell

Class Times: Mondays and Wednesdays 11-12 or 2-3. Students also schedule 3 hours per week of lab time.

Location: D116

Phone Number: (510) 748-2326


Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 12-1; other hours by appointment.

Number of Credits: 1.5‑3 Units. Credit/No Credit or Letter Grade. These units are degree applicable and meet the AA computer literacy requirement. Partial credits may be earned for completing specific course modules.

Course Objectives –  Students will:

  • Practice basic computer skills using the Internet and Microsoft Word
  • Create flyers with graphics and photos
  • Use email to send messages and read attachments
  • Learn Kurzweil 3000 to help read textbooks and web pages
  • Use Kurzweil 3000 to help proofread written work
  • Use the Internet to stay informed about world and local events
  • Demonstrate awareness of legal and illegal use of technology (for example, how to avoid plagiarism and violation of copyright laws)
  • Increase awareness of electronic text (e-text) and assistive technology available in the lab
  • Learn to apply ergonomic principles to prevent injury when using a computer
  • Learn how to avoid Internet scams

For more information:

Please contact the instructor, Helene Maxwell, at 510-748-2326 or email