Welcome to the home page for the Kinesiology. This is a good starting point to explore our divisional offerings.  We offer the following kinesiology lecture courses: Introduction to Kinesiology and Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries. Our physical fitness courses include: aerobic circuits, weight training, strength and conditioning, and circuit training. Our co-ed recreational sport activity courses include: badminton, basketball, bowling, and volleyball. We also offer two traditional team sports (women’s volleyball and men’s basketball).

College of Alameda offers the following degrees/certificates in Kinesiology:

  • Certificate of Achievement – Athletic Trainer Aid
  • Under Construction: AA-T degree in Kinesiology


It is our philosophy that physical fitness, healthful living practices and leisure time pursuits are elements of life that must be taught and reinforced and are essential components of a broad general education aimed to assist individuals to achieve their fullest human potential.

General Information

All kinesiology courses are co-ed unless otherwise stated in the course description and/or Schedule of Classes. The dress for College of Alameda kinesiology activities courses are dependent upon the nature of activity; students will be advised of proper dress at time of orientation.

The instructors of Kinesiology & Physical Fitness may screen students participating in physical activity classes who show a medical problem which may adversely affect their participation. Students so identified will be required to obtain a physician’s clearance. When appropriate, screening may be achieved through the Disabled Student Services Office. Students who lead a sedentary lifestyle or who have a history of heart disease or other medical conditions should check with their physician before starting any exercise program.

Students are advised to use caution when participating in physical activity classes. Strains, pulls, and similar injuries may be caused by improper use of equipment, or failure to follow directions of instructors.

Department Chair
: Linda Thompson, M.A.
Office: G-131
Phone: (510) 748-2383

As a Kinesiology student you will have the opportunity to take a combination of courses from 3 concentrations:

A. Kinesiology (KIN)

The body has a complex system of movement. Courses in the Kinesiology concentration focus on demonstrating how the human body moves during work, athletic and leisure activities. The following Kinesiology courses are currently offered:

  • Introduction to Kinesiology
  • Sports Training I-Fundamentals
  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • First Aid and CPR (HEALTH)

B. Physical Fitness and Recreational Activities (KIN or ATHL)

We live in a society where the health dangers of a sedentary life-style and stress can lead to such chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. Participation in Physical Fitness and Recreational Activities courses will allow you to develop and enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to being physically active while also forming the foundation leading to a healthful, life-long penchant for physical fitness through recreational activities and exercise.

You may choose from the following Physical Fitness and Recreational Activity courses:

  • Circuit Training
  • Cross-Fitness
  • Weights/Strength Training
  • Step Aerobics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Sports Training
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga (coming soon)

Additional Physical Fitness and Kinesiology courses are currently being developed.

C. Athletics (ATHL)

We offer our students the opportunity to participate in two intercollegiate teams (Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball) which compete in the Bay Valley Conference of the California Community Colleges Athletic Association (CCCAA). The following courses are specifically designed to improve athletic skills and strengthen physical endurance, are offered to our student-athletes:

    • ATHL 2 Basketball Foundations (Summer)
    • ATHL 6 Intercollegiate Men’s Basketball (Fall/Spring)
    • ATHL 7 Basketball Team Pre-Season Preparation (Fall)
    • ATHL 71 Intercollegiate Women’s Volleyball (Fall)
    • ATHL 72 Volleyball Strategy and Theories (Spring/Summer)
    • ATHL 73 Volleyball Team Pre-season Preparation (Spring/Summer)
    • KIN 60 Circuit Training (Fall/Spring/Summer)

The Kinesiology Department does not currently offer a degree but it does offer courses specific to multiple career fields. We train physical therapists who work in the rehabilitation industry. Coaches also require an understanding of kinesiology so that they can guide athletes through specialized body movements used in sports. Athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and fitness workers apply kinesiological principles to their jobs as they create exercise programs and offer advice on body maintenance and the prevention of injuries.

From now to 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that open positions for physical therapists are expected to increase much faster (by 36%) than the average for all occupations. The BLS attributes this growth to an increasing population of elderly citizens in need of physical rehabilitation and advances in medical technology that allow more conditions to be treated with physical therapy.

The future for coaching and athletic scouting positions is also very promising. As a group they are anticipated to grow quickly (by 15%) due to the growing popularity of sporting event participation and the heightened awareness for the need to prevent concussion among athletes. Likewise, open positions for fitness trainers and instructors are expected to grow by 13%, which is about average compared to all job sectors.