Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that involves the study of artistic, intellectual, and moral achievement. Humanities encourages students to examine both established and emerging expressions of human creativity and thought so that you become more engaged in your own lives and the world.

Our courses will acquaint you with performing and visual arts, literature, media, popular culture, mythology, folklore, architecture, philosophy, and religion. Classes present their materials critically, situating works within their historical, cultural, and theoretical contexts


  • Explore the aesthetics of everyday life.
  • Analyze and interpret selected works of creative expression (such as visual, verbal, and kinesthetic arts) in relation to various historical and cultural contexts.
  • Explain the meaning of Humanities as a holistic range of disciplines that use different approaches to study forms of art and performance from around the world.
  • Examine diverse forms of play, creativity, and innovation around the world.
  • Integrate knowledge across disciplines to increase self-awareness and cultural competence.


Humanities will prepare you:

(1) to transfer to any discipline of your choice at a college or university, and

(2) to learn valuable life skills such as creative thinking, cultural competence, social activism, community building, and conflict resolution.

An AA degree in the humanities can be applied to a range of careers in education, the arts, the sciences, business, medicine, nursing, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, social work, tourism, and grassroots and nonprofit organizations.