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Faculty Webpages

Prof Anthony Villegas

Name: Professor Anthony Villegas
Position: CIS Faculty since 1993
Chair, CIS Department
School/Location: Alameda








Academic Credentials

♦ University of San FranciscoBA
♦ College of Financial PlanningCFP
♦ UC BerkeleyCert. in Telecom. Engineering
♦ UC BerkeleyCert. in Total Quality Management
♦ Cal State East Bay – MBA Computer Info. Systems
♦ Cal State East Bay – MSBA Quantitative Bus. Methods
♦ Santa Clara U. – JD – two years of law school
♦ University of San Francisco – ED.D Org. & Leadership
♦ Claremont Graduate U. – PH.D student in Info. Science

Professorial Experience

♦ Argosy University (2004-2006)
          PH.D –Research & Writing, Mgmt. Science, Survey Res., Qualitative Res., etc.
♦ Berkeley City College (1993-1996)
          AA/AS –Business & Mathematics
♦ CSU East Bay (1993-1999)
          MBA –Database, Mgmt. Info. Systems, Expert & Decision Support Systems
          MA in Ed Tech Leadership –Culture and Evolution of Technology
         BSBA –Accounting Info Sys, Computer Info Sys, Analysis &Design, Database
♦ Cal Poly Pomona (1996)
          BSBA/BS Engr. –Local Networking, Data Telecommunications
♦ College of Alameda (since 1995)
         AA/AS –BusLaw,Bus Mgmt,SBA I-II,238abBus Word Processing I-II
                          CIS1,5,6,40,42,43abc,47,201,205,209, 233, 234abde,etc.
♦ Laney College (1993-1994)
          AA/AS –CIS 1, 205
♦ Merritt College (1994-1996)
           AA/AS –CIS 1, 5
♦ USF (1993-2008)
           MBA –Math, Stats, Data Analysis, Decision Modeling, Pres. Mgmt., E-Commerce
           BSBA–Bus Statistics, Mgmt. Sci, Finance, Bus Research, Info Sys, Product Mgmt.

Special links to Current Classes

CIS-1-40726-F21–Intro to Computer Info Systems

CIS-1-41004-F21–Intro to Computer Info Systems

CIS-40-40861-F21–Database Management Systems

CIS-234E-40899-F21–E-Commerce Website

Name: Manny Uy  cis
Position: Math Faculty
CIS Faculty
School/Location: Alameda
Phone: (510) 748-2389
Office/Classroom:  D225


Manuel T. Uy teaches Math and CIS classes at College of Alameda.

My Course Syllabus and Materials

Click on the course name below to view the course materials, outlines, objectives, key concepts and handouts for Manuel Uy’s sections:

CIS 001

Introduction to CIS

Use the links below to access course materials for Manuel Uy’s section of CIS 001:

Math 013

Introduction to Statistics

Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math 013:

Math 013 Hybrid

Introduction to Statistics Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math 013Fall 2014 Hybrid Math013 Intro To Statistics 40043 Syllabus

Math 201

Beginning Algebra Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math 201:


Intermediate Algebra

Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math203

Math203 Hybrid

Intermediate Algebra Hybrid

Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math 203 Hybrid

Math201 Hybrid

CIS205 Computer Literacy

Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of Math 013:

CIS005 Online

Introduction to Computer Science

Use the links below to access course materials for Manny Uy’s section of CIS005 Online:

Fayez El Giheny

Name: Fayez El Giheny
Position: CIS  Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda

Earned a MS in Business Administration from San Francisco State University in 1998, and also holds BS degrees in Accounting and Management. He has taught CIS classes at Berkeley City College (formerly Vista Community College) since 1999, and has taught CIS, accounting, and other business courses at Napa Valley College, College of Alameda, Chabot College, and Heald College. He also has experience in database design and management, entrepreneurism and business operations, as well as non-profit organization development and other public service activities.


Name: Jesse Norman
Position: CIS Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda

Marilyn Varnado

Name: Marilyn Varnado
Position: CIS Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda

Online Adjunct Instructor providing CIS Instruction to include Microsoft Office 365, Project Management, and PMP exam prep and Cyber Security Systems.

Alta Erdenebaatar

Name: Alta Erdenebaatar
Position: CIS Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda

Introduction: Professor Alta is an immigrant educator from Mongolia (outer) who successfully transitioned her career in higher education where she taught in the Economics and Business School of Mongolian State University of Agriculture. She was a proud student of the College of Alameda where she had taken classes from her fellow professors and mentors, Mrs.Olive, Mr.Villegas, Mr.Perkins and Mr.Fayez at College of Alameda back in 2012. She highly values the diversity and she truly cares about every student’s experience and success through an equity-minded course design and equal access to learning opportunities.

She has been teaching multiple community colleges in the Bay Area. She earned an AA in Accounting, BA in Economics, MBA degrees in addition to various training in Online Teaching and Entrepreneurship. She has gained a wide range of working experience in small business administration and business information systems.




Additional Information

We are still in a remote instruction where there are no in-person meetings for all classes this semester. However, some of my courses will have a live Zoom meeting according to the college schedule. For those meetings, students join them from Canvas, thus I will not provide a separate link or passcode. Login Canvas and check the course syllabus for more details. If you already enrolled in my course(s), please visit College of Alameda bookstore website to purchase the required textbook to have it ready by the 1st week of the course. Pay attention to the detailed information if the course requires a textbook with valid access to its learning resources such as Cengage, Sam, Mindtap, Connect, Smartbook, Gdp11and Pearson, etc,

It is very important that students who are waitlisted in any closed class should check their Peralta or campus email account by the 1st day of the semester. As soon as there is an open space available to enroll in the course by add/permission codes, I send an email. Generally, I sent out the pre-course information about how to get started the course a few days earlier along with frequent emails with add code to those who are on the waitlist. Start the course ahead of time if you want!

We will use a Course Management System (CMS) called CanvasAll online students are required to access courses in Canvas from the Student portal. All online students must go through the information provided in Peralta Student Resources to get started.

First-Time Canvas Users must see Canvas Training presentation on Helping Students and Faculty at Peralta!

Our IT support team will provide your Canvas login information if you send an email to

Canvas 24/7 Help : (844) 592-2199

Check this handout on how to redirect your Peralta email to another personal email.

Only students who are officially enrolled in the will be able to access the course in Canvas. 

If a class is closed: Check the Passport System often as there will be changes to the enrollment every time a student drops. I recommend that you add your name to the Wait List before 1st day of class. After the first day of class, I will send a permission number to those who are on the waitlist, if space is available. Check your student email account frequently. If you are given a permission number, you must be enrolled within 48 hours, or you will forfeit your space in the class.

Name: Diane Johnson
Position: CIS Adjunct Faculty
School/Location: Alameda

I have been teaching at Peralta since 2015. I also tutor and coach students one-on-one while fostering student-driven and  self-advocacy skills.

Name: Michael Duensing
Position: CIS Adjunct Faculty
School: Alameda

Academic Credentials:

Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Security from ITT Technical Institute in 2009.

Professional Experience:

2014 – Taught Bachelors Degree Information Systems Security Class at ITT Technical Institute in Oakland

2020 – 2021 – Taught CIS 205 and CIS 1 at College of Alameda.