The College of Alameda Communication Department provides courses to help students enhance their personal and professional communication goals. Our classes focus on how people use messages to generate meaning in different contexts, cultures, channels, and media.

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You will learn why people interact way they do while improving your own verbal and written communication skills.

Communication classes will prepare you to:

  • Build greater competence in interpersonal, group, and public
  • Improve personal and professional relationships.
  • Express ideas and viewpoints with greater clarity.
  • Develop conflict management and leadership skills.
  • Analyze and adapt to diverse audiences.
  • Make effective communication choices in daily interactions.

Communication careers include but are not limited to: management, social media, customer service, law, sales, consulting, political organizing, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, public relations, human resources, training, education, and many others.

Alumni Success

Communication skills are essential to the success and survival of humankind. It opens you up to a whole new understanding of the world around you. Don’t be left behind. Learn to communicate now, the right way. You won’t be disappointed.

Thomas Nickerson