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Chemistry in the News

All About Caffeine

 Hubble finds methane on extrasolar planet

CO2 emissions accelerate.
CO2 emission rate has more than doubled since the 1990s:

Atmospheric CO2 reaches highest recorded levels.
CO2 in the atmosphere is now at 381 ppm which is 100 ppm above pre-industrial levels………

Rising CO2 levels are lowering ocean pH.

Red wine procyanidins more important than resveratrol?
Procyanidins, a class of flavonoid compounds closely related to tannins, may be more important than the resveratrol in red wine. Procyanidins apparently also reduce the risk of heart disease and are much more abundant, up to a gram per liter, in some wines. Check out these science news links:

Resveratrol – A compound found in red wine and raw peanuts.
Resveratrol and Alzheimer’s Disease:

NASA discovers interstellar “chocolate” compound.
Interstellar PANHs (polycyclic aromatic nitrogen-bearing hydrocarbons) detected.

First interstellar anion discovered.
The molecular anion C6H- , a linear chain of six carbon atoms with one hydrogen atom at the end and an “extra” electron, has been discovered around a red giant in constellation Leo and in a cold molecular cloud in the constellation Taurus. See the following: