Art History

18-06Art history is the study of art of the world. Art is  investigated through the creative acts of artists. Studying the art of the world raises questions about life and can offer insight. As art is difficult to define it is through art history that we trace the origins of inquiry. Within the circle of the historical and contemporary artist are people, societies, patrons, educators, critics, collectors and much of everyday life. Our cultural institutions throughout the world gather articles of creativity. Museums form a relationship with art. Museum  collections are one way that people are able to analyze artworks and bring new ideas to light.

Art historians study the created world of humanity which includes a broad range of endeavors such as architecture, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and clothing. The study of art history is a network of relationships which includes literature, philosophy, science, religion, and additional fields. As art is produced in the context of a place and period, such creative acts can be analyzed through historical and  political inquiry.

Art history is a study well suited for many people. We address concerns of modern life.  Studying art is a way students can hone analytical skills and develop critical insight. The contemporary world is a changing landscape of many peoples and cultures. Students practice new skills with which to navigate our world including reading, writing, observation, and speaking.