Pathways in Art at the College of Alameda

The art department introduces a diversity of students to the world of art with classes in studio art and art history.

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the art program at the College of Alameda is to provide courses leading to the fulfillment of general education, degrees in art and art history and transferability to a university. The art department introduces students to the world of art and promotes lifelong learning.

Come join us, we welcome your ideas and expression!

The art department is a diverse, open, and interesting community of learners. Art classes such as painting and drawing offer ways for you to explore creativity with an emphasis on personal expression. You’ll be encouraged to experiment with problems of design. Art history classes examine the world of visual culture, as you actively study and reflect upon the variety of artistic forms people have produced.

In addition:

  • you are engaged in the learning of fundamental skills in all classes
  • all courses are taught by experienced artists and/or art historians
  • people in classes are actively involved with creative thinking
  • you may earn an AAT degree in Studio Arts or in Art History
  • you may begin to address a career as an Artist, Art Educator or Art Historian

The study of art is a way to explore creative problems and participate in the contemporary world. Art is a universal way of expression to celebrate, to question, and solve problems with visual design. Art is an investigation of the ways people of the world have created articles of daily life as well as expressions of new form.

Program learning outcomes include:

  • Synthesis of art history studies and art studio innovation to promote decision making, problem solving, and empower the individual in society.
  • Development of artistic creative skills to foster aesthetic reflection in life activities.
  • Productive knowledge of the breadth of world creativity in order to respond, form positions, and make decisions of daily life.

Art and Art History open pathways to careers which include: Art Historians, Art Curators, Arts Educators, Museum and Gallery Administrators, Fine Artists and Multimedia Artists. Art majors rely upon their ingenuity and creativity throughout life. Artists are lifelong learners.

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