“College of Alameda offers one of the best fashion programs in the Bay Area for aspiring designers at an affordable price. If it were not for the ADAM program, I would not have been able to pursue a successful career in fashion based on my finances at that time.

The fashion education I received from the ADAM program became the foundation I needed to grow my brand into an international company and employ hundreds of people for over 25 years.”

Stella Carakasi . 1995 ADAM Graduate . AA degree . Stella Carakasi Inc . ADAM Advisory Board Member


“I was constantly impressed with the information and level of detail taught in the ADAM program. The instructors helped me become more confident in so many different aspects of the fashion industry.”

Lily Endo . 2020 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“Enrolling and completing the ADAM program is the single best investment I have made for myself and my career. They helped me secure a job with Levi Strauss & Co. even before I completed the program and now I am manager of my department.

The ADAM program is the complete package. The instructors prepared me for real-world experiences, paths to internships and networking opportunities with leading Bay Area apparel companies. I am extremely grateful to have found this Bay Area institution!”

Ben Bell . U.S. Navy Veteran . 2016 ADAM Graduate . AA degree. ADAM Advisory Board Member


“The ADAM program provides one of the best industry-relevant fashion programs with a diverse student body, and makes it accessible to all. A lot of thoughtful planning goes into developing the curriculum which keeps it current and fresh.

Being an Advisory Board member and passing on industry information to ADAM fashion students makes me fall in love with my craft all over again.

At the forefront of this program’s training ethos is a respect for individual needs as well as concise demonstrations on how to complete quality work. The instructors have a love for the craft and yet, truth about the real works of the fashion industry are always told.”

Sylvaine Guille . Levi Strauss & Co . ADAM Advisory Board Member . Fit Developer Specialist


“I’ve always enjoyed the process of designing and constructing clothes. The ADAM program helped me hone those skills and introduce me to the many paths available in the fashion industry.

The ADAM program not only teaches you the design skills you need, but also the soft skills needed to make it in this industry. They’re great about helping you network with local fashion companies- so many doors have been opened for me!”

Emily Gutman . 2019 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“I learned the fundamentals of the fashion industry for a very small investment. I started my own clothing company and have successfully been in business for over 20 years.”

Kym Surani . 1998 ADAM Graduate . AA degree. ADAM Advisory Board Member


“Being a student in the ADAM program was an amazing opportunity. All of the classes were well-organized, challenging and taught by very knowledgeable, professional and supportive instructors. Working closely with highly qualified instructors was an invaluable experience.

I graduated with an in-depth understanding of Collection Development including design principles, fashion history, textiles, pattern making, garment construction and the ability to put all of that together to produce my own collection.

The ADAM program gave me the confidence and skills to be successful in the fashion design industry and I am truly grateful to have had the chance to be a part of such a wonderful program.”

Monica Pruitt . 2015 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“I am now a fashion designer at a global brand and always encourage people to join the ADAM program if they have an interest in Collection Development and the fashion industry. I am so grateful for having taken classes here.”

Molly Nicola . 2013 ADAM Graduate . AA degree. ADAM Advisory Board Member


“The instructors brought patience, humor and years of industry experience into the classroom. Today I have a career that provides both the creative stimulation and financial stability that I crave.”

Tina Ragozzino . 1997 ADAM Graduate . AA degree. ADAM Advisory Board Member


“I am thankful for my amazing experience in the ADAM program and for the instructors that contributed to my growth as a designer. This program is a great opportunity if you are passionate about fashion design. My two years in the program went by too fast and, if I could, I’d do it over!

Before I began the program I knew nothing about fashion except that I liked it. Looking back, I am glad I made the decision to be part of the ADAM program. Much has been learned! Now I know how to design a collection then see it come to life into a wearable creation!”

Serafino Truglio . 2019 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“Going to school for fashion design was always a dream of mine! The student community and instructors were incredibly welcoming, inclusive and supportive. ADAM instructors are passionate, knowledgeable and organized. While in the program, I grew as a designer by pushing myself past boundaries, both real and imagined.

In terms of career preparedness, the ADAM program gave me the industry skills and language I needed to land a job after graduation. I was able to quickly sell myself and my skills in this fast-paced industry. This was a direct result of the program and amazing instructors!

The ADAM program did not disappoint! It provided a structure that allowed me to take my skills to the next level. I now have a deeper appreciation for fashion and the amount of effort and attention to detail involved in engineering well-designed and constructed clothes.”

Jennifer Wilkins . 2018 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“I am truly grateful for the ADAM program. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they go the extra mile to help their students succeed. I am now working as a Tailor at Levi Strauss & Co. and I utilize the skills that I learned in this program every single day.”

Cayla Sanford . 2019 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“The ADAM program gave me the knowledge, training and motivation for me to be comfortable in the fashion industry. The instructors are skilled industry professionals in and out of the classroom. The experience in this program is unmatched.

You learn everything you need to know in two years! You spend so much time with your classmates that you gain a lifetime bond. There is so much I can say about the ADAM program that brings me great joy, but I would rather you experience it for yourself.

I showed top Parisian schools my products and they were amazed at the design and craftsmanship. I’m already buying my ticket for Men’s Fashion Week to open a Jahvan Trois pop up shop. None of this would have been possible without the ADAM program.”

Jeremiah Cobbs . 2019 ADAM Graduate . owner Jahvan Trois


“The ADAM program has been indispensable for my professional and personal growth. I have a thorough understanding of the creative and technical aspects of fashion design. I also developed the communication, problem solving, and time management skills necessary to design and manufacture a collection.”

Raissa Palacios . 2017 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“This has been an incredible journey for me. The instructors were passionate about teaching, patient, engaging, and very organized. I am grateful to the ADAM program for allowing me to renew my love for fashion!”

Carolyn Pope . 2019 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“I began the ADAM program with a simple interest pattern making. Once I began, though, I knew I wanted to work in the industry. Now I am the product designer for VIDA & Co., an on-demand fashion tech company.

In addition to providing me with a solid foundation to begin my fashion career, one of my favorite things about the ADAM program is the supportive learning environment fostered by the instructors.

Everyday at work I rely on the skills that I learned in the ADAM program. I often refer back to my class notes when I need to solve a problem.”

Nina Sawant . 2018 ADAM Graduate . AA degree


“Best fashion design program in the Bay Area! You’ll learn a lot while having fun, too. The teachers are fabulous, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable.”

Jessica Coulter . 2013 ADAM Graduate . AA degree