ADAM instructors are industry professionals in the areas of collection development, apparel design and manufacturing. 

They have worked and taught in the major fashion markets of London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Montreal.


FIRST year – fall
pattern drafting I monday 8-3:50p
pattern draping I tuesday 8-3:50p
apparel construction I wednesday 8-3:50p
design  &  sketching I friday 8-11:50a
apparel history friday 12-1:50p


FIRST year – spring
pattern drafting II monday 8-5:05p
pattern draping II tuesday 8-4:30p
apparel construction II wednesday 8-3:50p
design  &  sketching II friday 8-12:15p
textiles friday 12:30-2:35p


second year – fall
production pattern  &  size grading I tuesday 8-11:50a
portfolio development I tuesday 12-3:50p
advanced design  &  line development I thursday 8-3:50p


second year – spring
production pattern  &  size grading II tuesday 8-12:05p
portfolio development II tuesday 12:15-4:20p
advanced design  &  line development II thursday 8-4:20p