Explore Anthropology Collections

Explore Anthropology

Anthropology has four subdisciplines:

  • Physical Anthro (also called Biological Anthro)
  • Cultural Anthro (Also called Ethnology)
  • Archaeology
  • Linguistic Anthro

Contact Jayne Smithson, Lead Faculty of the Anthropology Program at College of Alameda, at jsmithson@peralta.edu or stop by my office in CoA main campus room C-103 for a tour of our facilities and collections:

  • Modern Human Skeletal Variation collection
  • Forensic Anthropology collection
  • Primate Osteology collection
  • Non-primate Osteology collection
  • Early Hominins collection
  • Early Humans collection, including real stone tools
  • Archaeology collections
    • Archaeology Research Facility
    • Artifacts from 1860-1880 from the SF Trans-Bay Tube excavations