Title IX

College of Alameda recognizes that sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, and stalking are serious issues. The College seeks to ensure that members of its campus community are aware that such behavior is prohibited by law and by College policy, and that the College will not tolerate acts of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, or stalking in any form, including rape, on its campus.

The Peralta Community College District (PCCD), of which College of Alameda is a part, has adopted Board Policy 3540 and Administrative Procedure 3540, Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus (www.peralta.edu).  The policy is a statement of the District/College’s commitment to educate the college community in order to prevent occurrences of sexual violence. The District/College will provide assistance and support to victims of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking and take appropriate actions to correct and discipline behavior that is found to violate the District/College policy or state regulations regarding these offenses.

Under this policy, sexual harassment includes but is not limited to sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, cyber-stalking, bullying and cyber-bullying, aiding or facilitating the commission of a violation, and retaliation.

Consistent with the values of an educational and employment environment free from harassment based on sex, the College also prohibits gender-based harassment, which may include acts of verbal, nonverbal, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on sex or sex-stereotyping, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature.

We encourage all members of our campus community to seek support for and report all sexual harassment and sexual misconduct directly to the College of Alameda Sheriff or the Title IX Coordinator.  These individuals will assist in eliminating the misconduct, preventing its recurrence and addressing the effects.

Please see options for immediate actions, options for reporting the incident and getting support and our Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Regardless of where it is reported, all complaints will be vetted by the Title IX Coordinator.  If you need immediate confidential counseling, the Highland Hospital Sexual Assault Center provides confidential rape crisis counseling to men and women, 24 hours a day, at 510-534-9290.


How to Reach the Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Tina Vasconcellos
Vice President of Student Services
(510) 748-2205

She is available during regular office hours.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring prompt and equitable resolutions of complaints
  • Overseeing a centralized reporting process for all sexual harassment and misconduct allegations on campus
  • Tracking and monitoring these allegations
  • Coordinating training, education and prevention efforts

Not Anymore -Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Program
code: 15252





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