Technology Committee Membership as of September 14, 2017

Name Representation
Balamurali Sampathraj (Co-Chair), IT Senior College Information Systems Analyst, Co-Chair
Karen Engel (Co-Chair), Interim Dean of Research & Planning Administrative Representative (Dean or VP), Co-Chair
Steve Gerstle, Instruction & Information Literacy Librarian Faculty Representative, Library (1)
Daniel Park, IT Classified Representatives, IT  Department (2)
Michael Duensing, IT Classified Representatives, IT  Department (2)
Shawn Foster, IT Classified Representative
Phyllis Tappe, Cognitive Skills & Assistive Technology Instructor Faculty Representative, DSPS (1)
Michelle Custino, DSP&S Adapted Computer Technician & Alternative Media Classified Representative, DSPS (1)
Robert (Bruce)  Pettyjohn Faculty Representative, Div. III
Jennifer Fowler Faculty Representative, Div. II
Bryant Monutfar, ASCOA rep as of August 2017 ASCOA Representative (1)
Ana McClanahan STEAM Dean (Div. 1)