Where to go on Campus for help with …

If You Have A Problem…

The following list of resources is provided to help you with a non-emergency*** problem, concern, or complaint:


First Step for Assistance


Felicia Hall

Bookstore Manager

Classroom Facilities

Division Deans – Office

748-2357, D-202

Computer Labs

Computer Lab Staff, Instructional Department or Campus Coordinators

Counseling / Advising

Trulie Thompson
Counselor/Matriculation Coordinator

Fee Payments & Refunds

Muriel Montague
748-2224, A-151

Financial Aid

Dave Nguyen
Supervisor of Financial Aid
748-2229, Building A-101

Cafeteria Services

Phil Renteria
Coordinator for Student Leadership & Development
748-2280, F-117

Instruction: Grades, Attendance, Testing,
Class Content, Disruption & Assignments

See your Instructor first, then Division Dean

Learning Resources / Tutoring / Open Lab

Anna O’Neal
748-2315 (L-204)


David Hatfield Sparks
Head Librarian

Parking & Traffic

Mary Beth Benvenutti
Business Services Manager

Douglas Parking


Registration Procedures

Marcean Bryant
Admissions Specialist
748-2228, Building A-101

Safety  (non-emergency)

Any Administrator
748-2203, 2205, 2211, 2273, 2235

Sexual Harassment

Dr. Kerry Compton
VP of Student Services
748-2205 (A-103)

Student Records

Marcean Bryant
Admissions Specialist
748-2228, Building A-101

Waivers: Prerequisite

Counseling Department
748-2209, Building A-101

Waivers: AA Degree or Certificate Requirement

Counseling Department
748-2209, Building A-101


*** In an emergency, dial 911. ( 9-911 from campus phone )