Student Volunteer Opportunities

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Become a Volunteer Program Ambassador!

Volunteers assist in the delivery of important services, support department events, and gain valuable experience. As a COA student, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of diverse volunteer opportunities!

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors will help address food insecurity among the COA student community by volunteering with our bi-monthly free produce market, facilitating CalFresh workshops and distributing free breakfast items as part of our free healthy breakfast program.

Logistics Ambassadors

Logistics Ambassadors will assist with event preparation activities (i.e., loading and unloading equipment, supplies and food), greeting attendees, assisting keynote speakers and performers, and cleaning up post event.

DIY Ambassadors

This volunteer assignment is for creative students that enjoy arts and crafts projects, and have the ability to teach others. As a volunteer you will assist with designing arts and crafts projects, prepare materials for upcoming sessions, and assist attendees with completing projects.

Communications Ambassadors

Communications Ambassadors are responsible for helping promote department activities and services in-person and online. Specifically, volunteers will be responsible for staffing the weekly outreach table, tabling at campus events, creating content on social media, promoting campaigns and engaging with followers.

Ambassador Eligibility:

  • Enrolled in a minimum of nine (9) semester units

Volunteer Ambassador Requirements:

  • One semester commitment
  • Complete a minimum of two (2) hours a week for the fall semester
  • Attend Volunteer Ambassador training
  • Carryout the specific duties of your volunteer assignment

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Numerous campus connections: Administration, Staff, Faculty and Students
  • Boost your personal and professional skills
  • Develop into a student leader—The Volunteer Ambassador Program looks great on any résumé, college transfer application and scholarship application!
  • Get involved in exciting events on and off campus
  • Receive a participation letter at the end of the semester, recognizing all your volunteer hours

Volunteering allows you to network and meet new people, earn a reference, engage with the community, develop transferable skills, explore career options, and have fun!

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