Club Roster

Published October 12th, 2016 in

Adventure Club

A social and community club that likes to have fun and explore the local area. The Adventure Club organizes outings around Alameda and the surrounding areas for fun trips to build friendships and camaraderie.


Advisor, Jean Rowland —
President, Katherine Obrien —

Alameda Zion

The purpose of Alameda Zion is to have bible study together. Also when they participate in clean ups around the community and help out with local blood drives.

President, Markeen Scott —

Aviation Club

The purpose of the Alameda Aviation Students (ALAS) shall be to promote Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) programs and to facilitate education through aviation related projects.


Advisor, N/A

Auto Club

The purpose of the COA Auto Club is to provide auto enthusiasts a place to showcase and discuss vehicle performance and appearance.


Advisor, Rufino Ramos —
President, Ernesto Eugenio —

Black African Diaspora (BAD)

The purpose of the Black African Diaspora club shall be to strive to foster a sense of community for all students. It will provide an opportunity for students to express their views concerning current events, academics, cultural arts, and campus life.


Advisor, Jody Campbell
President, Jaenal Peterson —

COA Dance Team

This team enjoys having a good time, which they like to do on campus. Also they often perform at campus events.


Advisor, Danny Q. Nguyen —
President, Marcos Prejto —

Dental Assistant Club

The purpose of the Dental Assistant club shall be to share with the student population and public what services we offer as well as share important info and tips regarding dental health.


Advisor, Carla Pegues —
President, Anna Wang —

East Bay College Fund Crew

We lower the risk of attrition for lower income,1st generation and/or students of color in post-secondary environment. Crews harness the power of the mentor-ship and community to keep students on the path to complete a vocational program/2- year or 4 year degree and end the cycle of inter-generational poverty.


Advisor, Jasmine Thompson —
President, Esther Pillitere —

Friends of MESA

We aid students interested in careers in STEM research in learning and practicing reading peer-reviewed research articles as early in their career as possible. During club meeting, journal articles will be selected to read and discuss based on the interests of the group and current events in the scientific community. Another mission to be inclusive of everyone interested in MESA but do not fulfill logistical requirements to be a MESA student. We want to help build people’s network in the Stem Field. 


Advisor, Camille Santana —
President, Isabella Germek —

International Students Club

The purpose of the International Students club shall be to assist international students and create a friendly and helpful environment for the students to have fun, make friends and share their experience.


Advisor, Drew Gephart —
President, Thinh Tu —

Latinos Unidos

The purpose of Latinos Unidos shall be to raise cultural awareness to Latinos in the community. We are about the celebration and education of Latino culture. Our activities help share information with our campus and community about things like Latino Heritage Month, Immigration, Successful Latino Leaders and Cesar Chavez.


Advisor, Rufino Ramos —
Member, Lalia Domingo —

New Dream

The New dream program is designed to support re-entry students and foster care young adults to re-establish themselves in life while achieving self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-actualization.


Advisor, Jamar Mears —
President, Ona Afrae —

Phi Theta Kappa

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for development of leadership and service, for intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.


Advisor, Marissa Nakano —

Science Alliance

Our club will focus on the natural sciences offered at the College of Alameda. This includes, but not limited to, astronomy, chemistry, geography, geology and physics. Our focus will be to develop programs or outings (including field trips) that focus on student interests; to encourage student attendance at local, regional and national conferences: have speakers from various fields come to COA to address the cub and other students; to provide networking opportunities across disciplines and professions; and to provide coaching and guidance for professional development.


Advisor, Cady Bow —
Advisor, Peter Olds —

Soccer Club

The purpose of the Soccer Club is to have a student group that celebrates the beautiful game. The club organizes soccer games, FIFA tournaments and other activities that revolve around soccer.


Advisor, Peter Pappas —
President, Bryant Montufar —

Social Media Club

The purpose of the social Media club is to make videos and skits to post online. The club will also help bring students together by making videos based on current events and social justice. The club will utilize social media to bring awareness to these issues.


Advisor, Linsay Wylie —
President, Sohaib Sahraye —

Tobacco-Less Club

They focus on promoting a smoke-free environment and healthy life-style throughout the school area. 


Advisor, Wanda Sabir —
President, Toni Rossi —

Veterans Club

The Veterans Club serves as a support group for student veterans and their families that aim to facilitate the transition between military life and student life. The club works with the College of Alameda, community organizations and the VA to help bring resources to veterans and their families. The club also organizes events that celebrate veterans, national holidays and many more.


Advisor, Jamar Mears —
President, Barry Simino —

Volleyball Club

The College of Alameda is looking for experienced volleyball players who are interested in playing on our Volleyball Club. However, if you do not have prior volleyball experience, but have played other team sports and have excellent work ethics, athletic, a team player and the willingness to put in the work, please contact Coach Thompson.


Advisor, Linda Thompson —
President, Monica Ann Payum —